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    I wanted to share my story, since this forum has been very helpful to me. I was born with ptosis of the left eye, and because of many childhood surgeries to open the eyelid, am unable to close it completely. I also suffered some damage to the cornea, due to an injury when I was 24. I have had nighttime dry eye issues with my left eye since I was 12. For many years, I have made a nighttime patch by cutting retangles out of ziploc freezer bags, and put Transpore tape all around and put it on my eye at night. I also use some form of "goop" in my eye - lately Genteal nighttime. This solution worked reasonably well and was relatively inexpensive. The main problem was the adhesive which remained on my face after the patch was removed each morning. I would remove the adhesive with Uni-Solve adhesive remover, which I purchased at a medical supply company. As I have gotten older (I am 45), I have worried about the effect of the tape on my skin due to the pulling. My skin also tends to break out where the tape is located. Additionally, over the last couple of years, the solution had not been working as well as it used to - my eye was still irritated and dry at times, despite the patching.

    A couple of weeks ago, I did a google search - dry eye. I came upon Tranquileyes. After reading the comments in the archives on this forum - I decided to place an order. I have to say that this product has been a life changing experience for me! Not only does it work, but my left eye has never felt better! I still use some goop, but the moisture from the Tranquileyes seems to make it feel normal, and it lasts throughout the day. I have had no problems sleeping with the mask over my eyes - it is very comfortable. It is wonderful not to have to remove adhesive from my face every morning. I am considering ordering another mask, and having my husband modify it, so that just one eye is covered.

    I really appreciate this site, because I would have never ordered this product if all of the valuable feedback had not been available.


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    Thanks for your advise Lisa. I am going to give the tranquil-eyes a try! I will keep everyone posted on how they work...


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