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    Hi everyone
    its been a while since I last posted so I thought I would give an update on progress. I had seemed to pass into a very good phase where for about 3 months my eyes were great (comparatively speaking). Then at Christmas I had a really good drink at our party and lo and behold the monster came back! Since then it has improved but over the last week the soreness and grittiness has returned. Not sure what caused the relapse but Dry Eye wouldnt be so much fun if it was obvious!
    Its been 3 years this year since my Lasik operation and i still feel that it will improve but a bad day is never far away. For all newbies on this site i just want to tell you that you are in a great place with friends, support and advice whenever you need it. It certainly helped me through some of my darkest times.
    At the moment I am justing using Optive and Blink, Clarymist and warm compresses to try to get it back under control. Still waiting for the magic bullet though!

    Bets wishes to everyone and keep your chin up,

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    Blink/hyaluronic acid . .v. Dwelle/Dakrina

    Barry - -So good to hear from you. . .I always love to see that lovely, spirited expression on your avatar photo. . .So wish you were having a good, rather than difficult, spell. . .

    I am a veteran of Optive and Blink, and just wanted to chime in on those, with a recommendation for a completely different approach.

    I find Optive completely neutral and easy to take. . .It's like a good eye wash for me, but it leaves my eye surface raw and exposed-feeling later. . .I recently tried something like Blink, too. . .a hyaluronic acid drop preserved with perborate (Aquify). . .The latter felt good on instillation, but shortly afterwards, I actually got red eyes. . .I almost NEVER get red, and so this concerned me.. .plus, there was burning. . .

    Yes, we are all different, but I don't think that the drops/mist you've mentioned here can do anything to advance you. . .They may feel good for a little while, but in your shoes, I would be aiming for some progress that is sustainable and can be built on. . .I don't recall the status of your corneas, but none of us can lose by using drops that may strengthen our corneas and tear film, rather than simply replace missing fluid. . .I believe, based on personal experience and what I read here at the Dr. Holly section of DEZ, that Dr. Holly's drops are the only ones on the market that have this capacity.

    Are you experienced with Dr. Holly's drops yet? I'm personally having a real renaissance on Dwelle, and I'm about to move to Dakrina soon. . .Dwelle has enabled me to keep my lids from sticking to the eyes in the a.m., AND, it has also helped me fight that raw/menthol sensation and blurring I get from rapid evaporation and prior de-wetting. . .Dakrina will add Vitamin A to the mix, delivered in the only form that makes sense: A high-oncotic drop (Dwelle) that can penetrate the tissue that is needy. . .

    Anyway, forgive if I'm suggesting something you're familiar with. . .but if you've not tried the Dr. Holly drops, I would suggest you set aside a good few months to use these exclusively. . .
    <Doggedly Determined>


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      Thanks for that Rojzen

      My spirited expression is probably just my myopic peering but thanks anyway!
      Dwelle and Dakrina are not available in the UK so i have not tried them. i may try to get them from an online site.
      I like your menthol/raw description because thats how mine feel. I always used to call it blowy eye as it felt like someone was blowing cool air straight into my eye.
      Anyway its 10 pm here in England and my eyes feel a little better so ever onwards and ever upwards!
      Night night, sleep tight!


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        Hi Barry - nice to see and hear from you again - Always encouraging to see that lovely smile.
        Dwelle and Dakrina ARE available to us in UK from Rebecca's shop now
        I await a trial pack of 3 of Dr Holly's drops to try - Dwelle Dakrina and Nutra tears - The price is good but the cost of postage steep
        If they work well i think it would be in our interests to get them in bulk 'cos of the price
        Dr Holly's scholarly and scientific analysis of the tear film and blink mechanism is awe-inspiring and would instil confidence in me that he certainly knows what is required for us DE sufferers when it comes to drops - I have to admit some of his stuff is "over my head " but i am impressed, and really appreciate the time and effort he puts in to try to help us understand - It's just my old brain has seized up
        Also if we have any queries concerning the drops we can ask him in Q&A now - which is nice
        Like you -I had a really good spell - lasting 10weeks Now i am back to square one
        But - that is the nature of blepharitis apparantly ;comes and goes waxes and wanes
        I dont think there needs to be a reason or a trigger
        Probably the most realistic aim would be to minimize the bad tmes by symptom - control- Maybe Dr Holly's drops will do that


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          Sorry to hear that you are having another bad spell. Mine also seem to coincide with a little alcohol consumption.

          I have just returned to the UK and am finding my dry eye relatively noticable again, in fact this morning at about 1:00am I woke with yet another abrasion (although as I have described in another post, they are not as severe these days).

          I just hope that you can get back on track again and that it sorts itself out very soon.

          You can't go wrong by trying Dwelle and Dakrina, I didn't mind Dwelle from time to time but due to the difficulty in getting it over here in the UK, I simply stuck with the drops that were relatively easily available to us here.

          I wish you well and hope that things improve again soon.

          Warm regards



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            Hi Ian
            Good to hear from you. I also notice that when I go abroad my eyes are so much better than at home; I'm sure its a weather related issue.
            I too still have mini RCEs but very few of the toe curling silent screamers I used to have.
            Generally my eyes are a lot better with just intermittent episodes now. I have been playing golf today and they feel great right now. I find that Saturdays and Sundays are my worst time because I drink too much and spend a lot of the time watching TV, usually sport, in a warm room with the central heating on. Self inflicted wounds eh?
            Its a strange thing and perhaps totally unconnected but when I have been having a bad episode lately I have also needed to pee quite frequently! Too much information I know but it does seem linked. I dont think its just a hydration issue either. Just another mystery in the Dry Eye Triangle!
            I have ordered the Dwell and Dakrina to give them a go and that will probably mean I have just about tried everything. As Stella says the postage is as much as the price of the drops but its not Rebeccas fault.
            Well i am off to a leaving do for one of the Firefighters from my station so I will try to be good and think of my eyes ( unfortunately I usually forget when I hit the dance floor late at night!).

            Take care everyone and chin up!



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              Have you tried wearing wrap around (sun)glasses when watching tv in central heating? This was my greatest discovery in 15 years of dry eyes. The one thing that really controls symptoms. I am just waiting for the invisible version to be invented, so that I can wear them everywhere!

              Also, I could be wrong of course, but I really dont think that alcohol has more than a temporary dehyrating effect...just drink alot of water. Or is this what I want to believe? I was tee-total for 5 years with my dry eyes and never noticed any difference from today, when I drink most weekends.



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                stick with it, Barry; and yes, try those wraps

                I see that I have a lot of company in grooving on your very uplifting avatar. . .

                I'm thrilled you've ordered the Dwelle and Dakrina, and just want to urge you to stick with these for a while before judging. . .Something I learned by accident was that using Dwelle fewer than 4 times a day, and as little as 2 times a day (nighttime included) worked best for me. . .And, Barry, since you are someone who knows that awful menthol sensation, I want to convey that Dwelle is the first drop ever to help reduce that sensation in me, and may do the same for you. . .Like most of us here, I've tried just about everything on the planet, but Dwelle was the first to take a major bite out of pain and menthol. . .I suspect Dakrina can do the same and more. . .

                Rory's tip about protective eyewear indoors is brilliant. . .Are you already using some eye covers? Please keep checking the Shop here. . .Rebecca's assortment of available protection is about to expand to include some revolutionary new concepts. . .We are all eagerly awaiting. . .

                In meantime, Barry, I just love to read about someone who plunges right ahead with life, including TV/sports, partying with and for friends and colleagues, and even indulging in a little nip now and then, despite the sometimes awfulness of the eye ordeal . .I've found that the more I stick with my beloved routines, the sharper I am about finding good solutions to the eye prob. . .
                <Doggedly Determined>


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                  I see that I have a lot of company in grooving on your very uplifting avatar. . .
                  Barry, I think Rojzen is trying to say you are "hot," without saying it. I'll just go ahead and say it. Barry, you're "hot" and a Steve McQueen look-a-like (mentioned that before.) It's uplifting to look at your avatar through our broken tear film.
                  Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

                  The Dry Eye Queen


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                    Originally posted by Lucy View Post
                    Barry, I think Rojzen is trying to say you are "hot," without saying it. I'll just go ahead and say it. Barry, you're "hot" and a Steve McQueen look-a-like (mentioned that before.) It's uplifting to look at your avatar through our broken tear film.
                    You are too much. If my company ever opens a store in Michigan (I am sure that's where you are? My sister went to MSU), I am formally inviting you to the grand opening PARTY! We can be the two party goers in the weird but very cool eye glasses.



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                      caught by Lucy

                      I cannot tell a lie, but I did try to dissemble, for fear of being cited for indecency on our beloved DEZ. . .Yes. . .Barry's charisma (an understatement) cannot be denied, even by an old married lady in suburban MD who shares Lucy's broken, but nonetheless sometimes naughty, tear film.
                      <Doggedly Determined>


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                        Hey you girls - dont scare him off !!


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                          Barry... don't forget the pepper spray if you come to the Punctal Pub, just in case
                          Rebecca Petris
                          The Dry Eye Zone


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                            Hi , Barry ,

                            This is from another old lady who thinks you are downright georgeous !! I am happily married for 37 years (same guy) but not blind (: Anyway , my two cents worth is about a vaporizer -when I watch televison, read , or use the computer , I have a steam vaporizer going next to me and it does seem to help !! I have found that the Dwelle drops last longer than most for me, and hope you find some relief from them !! Have a super day , and don't be a stranger !! Nancy


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                              I see Hangus is a firefighter. He needs to get his firehose out and cool you girls down!!! (absolutely no pun intended).
                              Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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