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  • eye discomt at night

    Hello, im new here, female and 52. For the past two months or so I have been experiencing eye discomfort in the middle of the night. I went to doctor and he said i had a small cyst on the upper eyelid. I then went to ophthalmologist and she said nothing was there worth worrying about. She did some good eye tests for glaucoma etc. Most nights i wake in the early hours and my right eye feels stuck and wont open, i blink and it waters. I lay there for a while and gently rub my finger over the lid and it does feel uncomfortable. Its strange because went i eventually go back to sleep and wake up , it usually is ok and all day i am fine, using the computer etc at work. Does any one out there have this problem? Its getting rather tedious and i am waking up because the eye is causing me to wake.

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    Hi, pongotwo.

    Did you get confirmation about the cyst on your eyelid? Has it gone away or is it still there, even though the doctor thinks that it is nothing to worry about? It may be, if it is still there, that it is injuring the same spot on your cornea each night. Another possibility could be that it was there, injured a spot on your cornea, resolved itself, and that part of your cornea is weak or healed improperly, maybe due to a corneal dystrophy (that would have never brought itself to your attention otherwise), and what you are experiencing is recurrent corneal erosions.

    It would help to get to an experienced ophthalmologist and give your complete history.

    I wish you luck!



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      Dear Liz

      thank you for your reply. Yes the doctor said he saw a small cyst and I admit I could see it when i put my eye shades on but the ophthalmologist couldnt said she could hardly see anything and it wasnt worth messing with, in fact it has, all but disappeared. I was told I had dry eyes by the consultant and advised on lid cleanliness using very weak bicarb and warm water. thanks for your reply.



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        Dear liz

        This eye problem seems to only occur at night, do you think it is because my eye lids are shut and they are becoming too dry? during day there is no problem. I dont have any discomfort on the actually eye ball itself when this happens it appears to be the eyelide area.


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          I am sure you don't have the same problem I have, (SS) but I wondered if the doctor mentioned anything about having dry eyes?

          I guess you don't have them because only one eye bothers you - so that's great. Don't wish dry eyes on my worst enemy

          Can you ask your doctor if it would be ok to put eye drops /gel - whatever in your eye at night and see if it helps?

          Good luck


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            I think that Eva's suggestion about seeing if it is okay with your doctor to use Genteal Gel (Severe Dry Eye Formula) overnight is a good idea. Some people here use Dwelle eye drops at night, but I cannot. I use Genteal Gel.

            I have a problem with my eyes, too, and it's a long story. However, TranquilEyes goggles, worn dry help to keep my eyes closed and have been helping me to get through the night. I have that sticking eye problem, too. Cindy, who posts here, gave good advice. She said that when you awaken to stuck eyes, just put some basic eye drops in the corner of your eye, near the nose, and let them seep in. Your eye will open more easily once the drops penetrate. That tip has helped me.

            Let us know how things go with your next doctor's appointment.



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              hi there, is there any uk equvalent of the dry eye lotion you mention please?
              the ophthalmologist told me i had slightly dry eyes at her consultation but i am ony having problem with one eye , as i said at night and it happened last night as well, its getting tedious and you wonder if you will ever sleep properly. I am on thyroxin and wonder if there was any correlation with that.


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                Hi, Elaine.

                I'm not sure if there is a UK version of Genteal Gel. Novartis makes it, and you may want to ask your doctor about it. I do believe that you can order Dwelle from this site.

                If the problem is sticking eyes that tear and burn at night, you may want ask your doctor about "recurrent corneal erosions" and "epithelial / anterior basement membrane dystrophy," which is bilateral in nature. I have that, and I have your symptoms without having incurred an injury to my eye. Dwelle, applied several times a day (I use it about five times a day), has helped me a lot. I can get through the night without awakening to pain, tearing, and the rest.

                I, too, am looking into thyroid functioning as a contributing cause, but I don't know much about that yet. There are some discussions about hypothyroid disorders and dry eye in the "Autoimmune Disease" forum here.

                I hope that you get to the bottom of this problem!

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