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Eyesight deteriorating after Lasek?

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  • Eyesight deteriorating after Lasek?

    I have been to the nearest Mall today to shop and see the new James Bond.
    Very good it was and Daniel Craig just forces you to diet and go to the gym guys!

    Anyway, over the last of couple of weeks I have had a relapse of dry eye accompanied by bad headaches which I thought might just be a side effect.
    Then I got thinking..... What if my eyesight had deteriorated in the last 3 years to the point where I needed glasses and that was what was causing the headaches. I had similar headaches many years ago when I first realised I needed glasses. Can the eyes deteriorate after lasek? I only had one eye done so if that one gets worse I am back to the beginning. It may also be that the untreated one has deteriorated and this is causing the headaches.

    In the first few months after my lasek I had my glasses amended to my new prescription for some reason but they have laid in my drawer for years. I think I might try watching TV with them tonight to see if it helps the headaches. I think I may also make an appointment to see an Optician to see whether I need glasses full time now. Anyone been there, done that?

    The headaches are what make the symptoms really debilitating and if I can get them to go away by wearing my glasses at night it might be worth it. Makes a mockery of my initial surgery but vanity flew away years ago i am afraid!

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    Hey Barry!
    I saw Daniel Craig on one of the morning shows today. I can't wait to see the movie, but he's not my favorite Bond.

    You should have your eyes checked every year or so. The two things you mentioned could have happened. Your uncut eye took a nosedive, or your laseked eye changed a bit. Actually both could have happened. Or, it could be a case of bad dry eye. Are you Brits turning on the heat about this time of year? I just got my humidifier out last weekend as it's cold here and we've even had

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      The vision in my right eye seems to have really deteriorated, it is next to useless at the moment for both close up and distance.

      It is my dominant eye and for quite sometime after surgery was the better of the two.

      Then the abrasions started, so I'm guessing have done a little damage and therefore affecting my vision.

      Isn't it great, I remember the surgeon saying that I may need glasses for close-up when I get older (I am nearly 40), but no mention of needing them for distance again. If I remember correctly the ads says that I would be free from glasses - stretching the truth just a touch.

      Let us know how you get on. I am heading back for a visit to the laser surgery for a follow up visit very soon.


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        Vision changes

        My lasik resulted in an undercorrection right off the bat as well as a significant regression. And with the severe dry eyes, bleph, ocular rosacea and MGD, I was told to NOT have more surgery. In the last 6 weeks, my left eye refracted at both -3 and -4 diopters. I've known the vision has been fluctuating but having a moving target when you are trying to buy new glasses is challenging. I am sure this intermittent blurriness is a part of mjy eye strain and fatigue but don't know which prescription to use. Maybe somehwere in the middle??

        BTW, everything I've read says that DES results in poorer outcomes/vision after RS. And most of the medications I take and was taking prior to my surgery have potential ocular side effects. Sighhh...



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          I think you should check in with "Q" to see if he has some sort of gadget to help with the fluctuations you are experiencing. He'll fix you right up.

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