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Have to Risk the Pain Again

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  • Have to Risk the Pain Again

    The eye problem started about 4 months ago with eyes stuck together (no crustiness)in the morning, stinging, tearing & blurriness. I saw Dr & was prescribed antibiotics. It didn't help & the eyes got worse in the morning. I saw an optometrist to get my glasses prescription checked & she did eye tests & said I had dry eyes. I started using the eye drops & gel.
    Last Thursday I went back to the Dr & told him my eyes were much worse & he referred me to an opthamologist who didn't answer the phone when I rang on Friday afternoon. Now I'm not sure if I need to see the specialist.

    On Saturday I woke with my eyes stuck together only a little bit & then I opened them with no pain at all. Couldn't get the smile off my face. I went shopping later & it was a windy day & came home & my eyes started stinging & tearing. Today I woke with no pain again & only some puffiness & very tired eyes. The light sensitivity is still there & headache.

    The things that have changed in the last week are that I've ordered the goggles (which I haven't received yet) & started taking Cod Liver Oil tablets about a week ago & using a Humidifier & changed my drops to preservative free (both on Thursday). Before I go to bed & when I wake up I put my face over the steam of the humidifier because my eyes didn't like the pressure of a warm cloth on them in the morning.

    I'll wait a week or so & see if things stay ok, but I feel I'm going to have find out which thing/s have brought about the change, by doing a process of elimination & stopping them one at a time. I really don't want the pain again. Plus, I think that if I still have dry eyes then I need to be able to tell the specialist what it is that has helped. Not a bad problem to have is it?

    I have fingers crossed that for some reason this is the end of dry eyes for me.
    Time will tell.

    I've posted this in the triumph thread, which is where I should've put it in the first place
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