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    Thanks to Cindy for the great web sites you posted in the welcome they have a lot of great info. Delilah, you suggested I write a bit more about other medical problems I might have so I moved down here and figured I 'd write out my story.

    When I was 7 my second grade teacher noticed that I was squinting all the time and even if I was sitting in the front row, couldn't see the board. The lighting in the classroom caused alot of discomfort. After being seen by multiable doctors and eye doctors, who could do nothing they sent me to Boston to Mass eye and ear (I live in maine) for several years I went down regularly to be tested. Nothing worked. My parents tried other things, like chiropracters and witch doctors, they even made me drink gallons of carrot juice, to this day I hate the smell of carrots. Nothing has ever worked. As for other medical problems, The only things I can think of over the years is I got mono, twice and was warned if I didn't watch myself I would end up with cronic fatigue. I think I've always been border line because I get tired very easily and run down alot. I take vitamins, but I take kids. If I take adult multi vitamins I can feel myself "come down" from them in the afternoon, then all I want to do is go to bed. The only other medical problems I have is serious pms, not so much mood swings but the cramps are so bad they put me in bed some months. I keep asking for the doctors to do a hormone level test but they say there is no need. I just got done reading about how hormone inbalance can cause dry eyes. The doctors used to tell my parents that all my problems would go away when I hit puberty, NOT.

    I've been dealing with this for so long it's normal for my eyes to be dry and scratchy, to have lots of mucus, to squint and be very light sensitive. I have all the symptons of dry eye syndrome EXCEPT tearing, as I said in my other post I don't produce reflex tears, and I know that they are not the most important tears to have, but it would so great to be able to cry and have tears run down my face. I know that sounds crazy, but I don't remember ever having that happen.

    I'm just now starting to look into getting help, it seems like things have settled a bit in my life, both the kids are in school and it seemed like a good time to try to get some help. I keep reading about sjorens syndrome which I have a couple of symptoms, but I have no idea if I have a dry mouth, as I have nothing to compare it with. I get cankers alot I don't know if that is anything or not, it always seems like I get them when I'm really stressed out.

    This is a really fabulous site, I'm so glad I found it, I didn't realize so many people had eye problems like this. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


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    Wow, that's interesting about you having had mono twice. I too had mono twice growing up and was very, very sick. It's rare that anyone gets mono twice, so I'm surprised there are more of us. I wonder if there's any connection? My Mom was just asking me about that, because I also had Bell's Palsey (the left side of my face was completely paralzyed for 3 months for no apparant reason). My Mom was questioning if any of these 3 things (my dry eye included) could some way be connected. Any thoughts from any drs out there?