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29 y.o. with terrible dry eye

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    No Sam

    That's one that I haven't tried although I have tried most of the others.

    It comes in 3 different strengths, depending on the severity of the condition.

    The company is Novartis.


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      I just got put on a 2 month course of doxy, and am continuing to do the azasite for now. I still have the lower plugs, and I have found great improvement with my symptoms by doing the warm compresses 2 x's per day along with good cleaning of my eyelids with sterilid. The azasite has helped the inflammation, and I'm hoping the doxy will continue to help that. My schirmers has gone up greatly. It went from 3 in both eyes last August, to 25 L and 15 R as of 2 days ago. my vision has improved as the MGD has cleared up some. I am doing a tsp of flax oil with yogurt every day as well, as it is an anti-inflammatory and I hope could only help with the general symptoms of rosacea. I am so glad to finally have hope, where I had been hopeless before. He also gave me some gel called blepahmide to try when the azasite runs out...alot cheaper!


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        sally P, what is your diagnosis?


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