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Silicon Eye Plugs-bad reaction

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  • Silicon Eye Plugs-bad reaction

    I, unfortunatly came to trust and believe an opitition about having silicon eye plugs inserted into my tear ducks to help me with dry eye.
    He was actually in a bad mood when he put them in, and I had an awful reaction, which he didnt seem concerned about (they were painful upon insertion, like something dirty in my eyes)
    A week prior to this, he inserted collagin eye plugs, to see my responce, and I was fine. They didnt gwet rid of all my dry yer symptons, but it helped.
    The next morning, after the silicon eye plugs were inserted, my right eyes corner towards my nose was nlood red, like it had bled.
    The opitition didnt seemed concerned, again, when I called, but assured me that if it doesnt improve over a few dyas, to let him know.
    Thye reness did reduce over some days, but the scratchy feeling in my eyes did not, and again, he did not seem concerned.
    A week later when I called and told him that the cratching was really bothering, especially at night or when I got tired, he tol,d me to come in, and when I did he gave me some eye drops, which I later found out that they were steroids.
    Not long after this, on a very busy travel weekend planned befor a fligh from LA to NYC, i woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain. It felt like I had a piece of wood or a tiny bit of metal in the back or side, I could not exactly locate, in my right eye. I could not flush it out, so my eye kept on swelling up with fluids to create a lubricant I suppose, and then the swelling would creat pain to my sinuses and head, so I would open the eye to let the fluids drain.
    By the next morning, on my drive frok LA to Santa Barbara, this awful sweeling of fluid continued, and the eye was very light sensitive. My left eye was so tired, having to do the work of the right eye when driving.
    By the time I got to Santa Barbara, I was exhausted. I couldn t get hold of my opitition,I kept leaving messages on the emergency line, to no responce his office was shut.
    I was in such a terrible state of fatigue in SB, that I collpsed in bed, instead of going to work.
    When my brother came home, (he is an orthodontist) he went beserk when he saw what state I was in,he found out that I had put silicon plugs into my tear ducks, and he ordered me to remove them immediatly. Thank god Im short sighted, as they are quite tiny, and I managed to take them out with a sterilized tweezers.

    But what followed was worse. I had a terrible fever, and i couldnt get hold of my opitition. When a freind of his called him and told him to call me because of my plight, he again didnt beleive that my eye was infected(as the puss wasnt coming out YET), and he didnt beleive that I had a fever.(we spoke for about 4 minutes)
    I felt such physical releif when the plugs were takin out, but I looked like 20 years older, it was terrible state.
    I had to go straight to bed, and half go in and out of sleep because the painful swelling and releasing of fluid gave me such a headache and pain , half my head felt huge, sore and swollen, like pressure on myu brain, and sore teeth. In the middle of the night, I came to realize that I seemed to have a cataract over the right eye, I could not see at all, only a white pasty light.

    The next day I had to cancel work again and be driven to a MD, who put me on two different medications, as I had an eye infection.
    My opitition continued to ignore my calls, and I had to get back to LA , half blind, to get onto a flight to NYC. He callsed me when I arrived in NYC, by then I was furious with him and couldnt even talk straight.
    The thought of missing it caused great stress as it was an importmant family matter that I just had to get to, so I flew out after a crzy drive back to la in the middle of the night, half blind. I was so determined to get home and get on that flight, despite the fever and blindness....
    Now its two years later, and although my eye recovered, i couldnt wear contact leanses for 1/2 a year, and when I get tired, my right eye droops, and I start to see crossed vision.
    I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of or experienced a bad reaction to silicon eye plugs.??
    My opitition claims that he has never heard of such a thing, and that my infection was caused by contact lenses (which I wasnt wearing).
    I felt very betrayed, disapointed and, went into a deep depression as a result of all this.
    I dont think I will ever trust so easily again. The fact that this man was so busy denying me proper support, made me furious.
    I took him to small claims after repetitive ignoring my calls and my threats to report him to the state board of optometry. I only got a responce after contacting the MD he he works with, and won my case, but he lied to the judge, saying that the infection was caused by contact lenses(which he prescribed to me by the way, and I didnt wear) and claimed that the MD in Santa Barbara agreed with him.
    Altough I won, I didnt get compensated for what I went through.
    I will never agin allow any one to convince me that they know better than my gut instinct. Putting silicon (which I beleive is toxic) into the tear ducks is just not right.

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    I hope he is your ex-optician now!

    So sorry this happened to you. I don't think we get enough encouragement to listen to our feelings and instincts when something goes wrong in a medical situation.



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