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Dry eyes and contact lenses

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  • Dry eyes and contact lenses

    I've had dry eyes for about a year now, maybe longer as I first experienced a soreness in one eye around 2 years ago which went after 20 minutes, it did reoccur a couple more times but it wasn't until a year ago when I was finding wearing continuous wear lenses a problem to wear continually.

    I made an appointment with the optician to try some other daily wear lenses, he asked if my eyes felt gritty and sore and I said that occasionally they do for around 20 minutes and sometimes extremely sore.

    He said I should use a hot flannel to ease the symptoms, I find doing this on a daily basis helps.

    He referred me to a specialist eye doctor who has told me that my tears don't spread universally, and theres nothing that can be done, he said theres around 30 artificial tear products out there and I basically have to try them to find one that works for me as they don't work for everyone.

    I wear glasses the majority of the time but theres times when I need to wear contact lenses, I've tried a few lenses, some just dry out within a couple of hours.

    Acuvue moist probably being the best, trueye being the worst.

    As for drops, I've tried viscotears, Hycosan, Ocumed 0.1 and Oxyal, so far no good, no change and no extended wearing of lenses.

    3 days ago, I wore contact lenses for 8 hours, used oxyal throughout the day, when I took the lenses out my right eye in particular was sore and 3 days on, still doesn't feel right.

    Can anyone recommend a good artificial tears product that I could try, my doctor is very good and prescribes anything I ask for, next on the list is Vismed and then Clinitas soothe.

    I'm in the UK so maybe not all products are avalable.

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    I think you posted in the wrong section...try the open forum which is two above this.

    There are many people her from the UK and Ireland...I believe Irish Eyes is from that side of the water...there are many others.

    I am not sure of the exact type of dry eye you have...tears don't spread evenly? can someone jump in here and help this evaporative tears?

    Here is a good article on "dry eye"

    Without having a Dr. qualification I feel confident to say there is no such thing as a "dry eye" that can not be helped or in some cases treated. Maybe your Dr. really meant that he didn't know how to treat you...but that does not mean there is nothing that can be done.

    If you can get yourself a book my Dr. Robert Lathkany called the Dry Eye remedy. Read that book in an afternoon and you will be a semi pro on dry eye.

    I really think you need to stop waering contacts for the moment. Your eyes can get worse, and trust me, as a post Lasik patient with erosions I can tell you do not take this chance. Stay off them and give your eyes a chance to stabilize before you use them again.

    Start taking Omega oils. Cold pressed organic Flaxseed is great.

    As for the warm compress a warm wet cloth works ok, a rice bag that can be heated in the microwave works better as it retains the heat. Take it one stage further and start doing lid massages and then a rince to get those oil glands working again.

    From your post I would hazard a guess you have some sort of problem with your oil production...however this a question you need to put to your Dr. Educate yourself with terms and questions and dazzle your Dr. with your knowledge. it's harder to get the brush off when you know a hell of a lot.

    And for drops make sure you use preservative free drops.

    Good luck and keep well,

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      I think you're right, I was trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

      Mods/Admin, please move to a more appropriate section.

      I'm not sure either, the eye doctor wasn't that clear but I've been to see my Optician last week and he says they evaporate quickly and need drops every hour.

      He has written to my Doctor to refer me to another Hospital to see someone else for a second opinion.

      Been trying Hyabak last few days and they don't seem too bad.

      Just ordered that book you mentioned so hopefully be a semi pro soon :-)

      I only wear the contacts when I need to, maybe once a week at most for a few hours.

      I do take fish oil and have tried flax seed for several months, stopped when the bottle ran out and no change.

      Theres no sign of blepharitis and I think it is oil production, my eyes can get very sore and i need a hot compress within minutes to ease the discomfort, it must work as the relief is instant and lasts a good day or more.

      I don't have a microwave as I don't like them.

      I've tried several drops now, next on the list is Clinitas Soothe.

      Thanks for your advice which was greatly appreciated.
      Just read those links and it seems like I could either have a Mucin deficiency or more likely Meibomian gland dysfunction.
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