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I consider my self cured after 7 years of suffering

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  • I consider my self cured after 7 years of suffering

    Hello guys, I will try to keep this extremely short.
    I was one of the worst cases, I did not have only dryness, I had sharp pains, photophobia, I have seen black shadow in right eye and also felt burning eyes. I was awoken 3 times per night for 4 years despite ointments. now I sleep normal and have only mild dryness when I wake up which goes away after 5 minutes
    I could not stare at computer monitor for 5 minutes now I can stare for 8 hours without any problems.
    If my eyes took 5 days to recover after something, now it's 30 minutes, they are recovering 100x times faster from dryness and redness.
    My confidence in my eye health and health in general is ultra high, 11/10. I am never sick anymore.

    What I will say next, especially for my diet might sound very lame but if someone told me this 7 years ago, I would not loose 7 years of my life, choice is up to you to try this for 1 month, and you can not be much better. Try to do exactly the same what I did and then come and say: I did not get better.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________
    Only 3 things helped, nothing else is worth mentioning and I have tried everything you can try, if you read it on Internet or came up on your own, I've tried it.
    It is in my nature to analyze things to death and I was thinking about my eyes for every day, whole day for 7 years.

    1. food (helps 60%)
    2. autologuous serum 50% concentration ( it helps 30%)
    3. E-ink monitor (I do not use it anymore because even "normal" screen do not hurt my eyes anymore, eyes became very resistant to eyestrain even I was convinced they are unable to recover after years of damage)

    1. food
    every day I eat completely the same and it covers all vitamins and minerals you need, 200%, 300% and some even 400% daily value.
    They say you need to eat variety but I disagree because this covers all, I have tried every possible diet and this works by far the best, rest can not even compare to this.
    This is my personal opinion and you can disagree.

    150g cooked oat flakes with water(only few minutes until they get bigger in volume)
    1 teaspoon Extra virgin Cod liver oil by Rosita (it must be Rosita or Green Pastures because they are only 2 extra virgin). (<-- It helped 30% literally over the night. It was first night after 4 years that I've slept 8 hours without interupt. This is much better then fish oil because it has vitamin A(retinol) that is 4x stronger then vitamin A(beta carotene) from carrot, and even if it was 1:1, this is still much higher dose in raw, natural form because it is from liver, only in liver there is so much vitamin A.
    You pick whichever you want, this 2 companies have nothing in common, and if you find some third extra virgin option you can use that but it must be extra virgin.

    900g peeled normal potato (sweet potato is like potato + carrot, no need)
    300g chicken breast
    3x tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil
    (do not have mountain of oil on your spoon when you scoop it out of jar, oil must only cover the spoon in straight line, it must not go over the spoon in height! very important)

    100g brown rice with 1x tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil.

    1-2 liter of bought Spring water every day ( I do not trust that from pipe at home is ok).

    Now something interesting:
    When I started to ingest 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, every morning for 5 days I had to spit yellow mucus from throat.
    Coconut oil is anti bacterial, and It must have disinfected my body from inside.
    Above eyes there is gland that produces oily part of tears. If I had some sort of infection from dryness because if you have lack of tears then your eyes are prone to infections, maybe I had infection of those glands above eyes and if coconut oil got there from inside the body, it might disinfect glands too like I had to spit yellow mucus each morning from mouth.

    +Coconut oil is saturated fat, and when I ingest fat which has omega 6, my face becomes slightly red (because omega 6 causes inflammation DUH)

    I also clean my eyes with clean cotton cloth which I change each morning, no any other wipes or BS.
    When I wash my cotton cloths, I dump them in diluted white vinegar with water over the night and then rinse with plain water.
    Absolutely do not use detergent because you clean your eyes and face with them.

    *also, all supplements made my eyes worse and I have tried many high quality
    *no smoking, alcohol
    *I never used anti depressants but heard makes condition worse, it's like supplements, artificial substance not known to your body that causes inflammation (dry eyes)
    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    I highly suggest you try this easy to follow diet even if you can not afford serum in your country, I've heard you have to pay for that in America. In Republic of Croatia where I live it's free.
    I made 2 topics in which I described my road to recovery, last one got into heated discussion and it was definitely part because of my arrogant attitude for which I apologize.
    After all, I only want for everyone to get better and I am not that mentally sick to keep information to myself.
    I won't give out my personal contact because of bad reputation I have earned on this forum, but I will come here for some time for next couple months.
    I believe that this is my final change in my treatment.

    So in short, my life changed in the unimaginable ways, I am currently finishing college and hoping to get a job as a programmer by the end of year.
    I thought that my life has ended, but it only started.
    And I am 100% positive you will get significantly better as well.

    Also this is link to last topic I made:

    Good luck,

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    Thatís great news! Itís always encouraging to hear from others that are doing well. I agree with your approach that diet and life style plays a significant role in treating DED. May I ask what you were diagnosed with? Do you have MDG, AD? Thanks!