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    Hi! I'm a post Lasik dry eye sufferer who has done a lot of experimentation with different treatments. Now, I do the following and my eyes are really good. (Disclaimer - I don't know exactly what is what, and I think what helps and not is individual): 3 capsules of evening primrose oil, in total 3 grams. + I use an IPL home device (Philips Lumea Prestige). I shoot over the whole face, but especially this zone (not 1):

    Please read this study for more information:

    I cover my eyes (IMPORTANT) with two teaspoons. You will still see the light flashing, which is a little bit scary, but until now I haven't had any adverse effects. I do the treatment every few weeks.

    Would start with the evening primrose oil though since it's a lot cheaper :-)

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    Hello again! Would like to provide an update on my regime. I'm still doing home IPL as described in a previous post, with a few weeks in between. Also, I still take evening primrose oil every day, though now only one capsule per day (1000 mg) since concentration reaches a steady state in the body. What I also have done is THIS: Taking sessions of Infraslow fluctuations neurofeedback (read more here): There are providers of Infraslow fluctuations neurofeedback in several countries, but Neurofeedback services of new york is run by the creator of the method, so if you can't go there, maybe they can guide you on where to find a practictioner. Please observe that the type of neurofeedback that has helped me is called "Infraslow Fluctuations neurofeedback sLORETA", more specifically a protocol for chronic pain! At worst now, my pain is a slight nuisance. Don't know how summer will be since they are always worse, but right now I would say I'm fully functional!


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      Please write more about the IPL device you use and how you use it.