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    Hi -

    I've been reading this website for awhile, and thought I'd join. I have been dealing with dry, red, and bloodshot eyes for almost two years now. I have had lower plugs put in, use artificial tears many times per day (mainly preservative free Thera Tears), and also Restasis twice a day. One doctor told me that I probably have a slight case of blepharitis. I haven't really been faithful in using warm compresses, but use them occasionaly.

    I had LASIK about 6 years ago. My vision is still 20/20, sometimes 20/15. So that's great. Immediately after LASIK, I had no trouble at all (although, I did develop some floaters). Two years ago, I started developing this dry eye. Has anyone heard of no dry eye for 4 years after LASIK, and then the dry eye developing later on because of LASIK? I've seen the studies that show the corneal nerves increase after LASIK, then decrease again at year 3. Maybe this is what's happening? Or, is it more likely that this is just dry eye developing on its own?

    Thanks for any info. You've already been a great resource.


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    I don't know if there is really any concrete answer to your question as to whether Lasik 'caused' your current dry eye. It certainly could be a factor. There are people on this board with dry eye for no apparent reason and never had Lasik. I have also seen where people develop dry eye after a bad cold or sinus infection, or after taking certain medications. And, yes, there are people who had Lasik and developed dry eye years later.
    It is possible that you developed a slight case of dry eye on your own at this point, and your previous Lasik has caused it to be more noticeable. That would be my guess.
    I think we will also see a lot more age-related dry eye in people who have had Lasik in their younger years.
    Something we didn't know when we had our ten minute miracle.