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  • Bleeding eye

    I am being treated for mgd and episcleritis and I have had lasik surgery. My eyes are alway blood shot and red, but today my left eye looks like it is bleeding...not blood shot but bleeding. I called the eye doctor on call and he said that I just busted a blood vessel in my eye and not to panic (kind of hard to do). He said it will have to run it's course and should get better in time. Has anyone out there had this happen to them?

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    get to an emergency room, not something to play with, no matter what the doctor says.


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      I had a broken blood vessel in my eye once...caused by the force of intense vomiting. I had...uh...the flu. Yes, the flu. Anyway, it looked ugly for weeks but went away on its own without a doctor. In your case, it may be best to at least be seen by an eye doc since you've had LASIK and other issues.
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        Doctor's advice sounds reasonable to me. If you need some more reassurance you might want to read up on this. Here is a page on the Mayo Clinic's website on this subject.

        If you continue feeling very uncomfortable/worried, schedule an appointment to see the doctor. Nothing like peace of mind.
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          Thank you all for your replies. My looks worse this morning...I'm calling the doctor this morning to have him look at it. It is so nice to have people like you all out there to talk to.


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            I've had what you are talking about, and it actually did get worse before it got better. Mine was caused from the suction during my lasik. It started out as a small red patch but over the next few days, grew even larger. It took a few weeks to fully go away. I agree with the others is always good to see a doctor.



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              I've also experienced this unusual symptom. It looks horrible but most times it is not serious...just looks bad. My doctor called it a subconjuntival hemmorrage (I think) and states it can be caused by hard sneezing, coughing, vomiting, or even an increase in blood pressure. It is scary when it happens but ususally goes away on its own in a couple of weeks. It usually fades to a yellowish look (kinda like a bruise) and then completely heals. Best to get it looked at though so you'll know for sure! I'm sure your doc can relieve your worries. I was happy to hear from my doc that it was not serious. Mine happened when I blew my nose so much from a sinus infection! You can google "subconjuctival hemmorage" and see if it sounds like your symptoms. Good luck!


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