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  • Blepharitis issue

    I am not too trusting on my ophthamologist which is why i want to ask for some information that might clear up some thing about blepharitis. I read that individuals with blepharitis dont have a tear deficiency they just lack the oily layer to keep the tears from evaporating. If that is the case then why are doctors giving patients like me plugs? I have 2 in each eye and dont feel any better than when i had none. He never told me about warm compress and lid scrubs. I am pretty sure he is going to try restasis next. My question is basically aren't plugs and restasis inadequate treatment for blepharitis considering they dont address the lipid layer deficiency?

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    For the most part yes. If you have blepharitis with some tear deficiency then plugs with lid cleaning would be recommended. Clean, Hydrate, and Nourish. Clean the lids with a properly ph balanced lid cleaning(I like the word cleaning better than scrub) product. If your eyes then need more hydration, plugs can be helpful. Then Nourish, either through your diet or through one of the many supplements that are available. I prefer the Science Based Health supplement Hydro Eye. It doesn't sem to make the breath smell bad. But there are others that are just as good and probably don't cost as much.


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