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10 months post LASIK & in agony

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  • 10 months post LASIK & in agony

    Hi there,

    I am completely regretting my decision to have LASIK 10 months ago. I have ended up with posterior vitreous detachment/floaters which is truly disturbing but the worst thing I'm experiencing currently is dry eye. I have a computer based job and cannot work right now because aside from seeing floaters constantly, screens hurt my eyes too much. I use a gel before sleeping and eye drops during the day. I have had plugs fitted also.

    When I look at myself in the mirror, I just feel so worried about my eyes...and I'm noticing my eyelids are more lined or scaley than they were.

    At the moment, it just feels like a nightmare that has changed my life forever and I am not sure how much longer I can keep going really. I was so happy before surgery but now I am filled with regret. Argh...

    Any advice would be amazing,


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    Grace get yourself to a decent opthalmologist who can get a plan in place for you, don't delay.


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      Hi Grace. Ask your opthalmologist whether PROSE scleral lenses or scleral lenses in general would be an good option for you to help prevent damage to your cornea and manage your pain. These are dome-shaped contacts the size of a nickel that keep a layer of saline over your eye. I wear mine at least 12 hours a day. Although my dry eyes are not due to LASIK, many patients who use them have dry eye due to LASIK, and these lenses have been used more and more in recent years to help dry eye patients. Here's a link to the BostonSIght website that has more info on their PROSE lenses:


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        Hi Grace,

        I came to this website in dry-eye agony at the beginning of 2014. I remember one uplifting moment was when I received Rebecca's email response signing me up to the website. Here it is incase it helps you as well:
        Sorry to hear about your dry eye issues. I'm afraid the first winter after LASIK can be pretty tough especially at that altitude. So glad you've found the site helpful. Beware though the LASIK dry eye crowd can sometimes sound a bit depressing... All the the 'exceptions' congregate on teh web but we don't get to see those who get all better often enough! Important to know that things can and often do get MUCH better.

        Kind regards


        You've come to the right place to look for some answers (although be aware spending too much time on this site can start to feed your anxiety). Like Hokucat, I've benefited greatly from scleral lenses. Mine are LaserFitLenses from Dr. Gemoules in Dallas. Both he and Boston have a great product and may be worth looking into for you. I spend most of my day on the computer as well and I don't think I could do it without the lenses. When I got them I wore them 12 hours a day and they were AWESOME. I can't wear them that long anymore and spend most of my time not wearing them (I use moisture chamber glasses when not wearing the lenses) but still think they are one of the most important tools I have to keep the inflammation and irritation cycle at bay. If you are interested there is a long thread on the topic called Dr. Gemoules and my first scleral lens started by L8rgator. For me personally, this is the thread that started a turning point in my ability to have a happy life while living with and managing this disease. Here is a link:

        Almost exactly a year ago when Nori2015 was 9 months into her ordeal she started a thread titled DRY EYE VETERNS!!! Advice please. Several people including myself chimed in on that one and it might be a good place to start. (HI Nori, I hope your doing well). Here is a link to it:

        I know the worry you feel when you look in the mirror. I remember that as painful as my eyes would get on a regular basis, the crushing anxiety often felt even worse like an ice pick being driven into my chest. Hang in there, that gets better too.

        Above all, keep at it. You will be happy again.


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          Hi Grace and DID. Another thing that gives moisture to my eyes is taking an oral prescription pill called Evoxac (generic name Cevimeline). I can take it up to 3x daily, and when I do, it helps give my eyes relief for about four hours after each dose. When I had really severe dry eyes with a Schirmer = 0 in both eyes, I HAD to take it 3x a day, or I don't think I would have survived never getting an erosion on my eye. My eyes were so dry back then, like sandpaper per a few doctors. I could not even wear the scleral lenses because the whites of my eyes the lens edge laid on and which was not covered by the lens were so bone dry. Even putting drops in every 10-20 minutes didn't work.

          Now that I'm much better, I can wear my scleral lenses, and I still take the Evoxac before I drive or when I am going to do something where I am staring a long time, like attending a sporting event or movie, looking at the computer, or just if my eyes feel a little drier than normal. It makes the edges of my scleral lenses even more comfortable, and when I take off my lenses at the end of the day, they easily come off, as if I had just put them on. Note most ophthalmologists do not know much about Evoxac, it's something your medical doctor would be more familiar with. Often it is prescribed for patients to deal with dry eye and dry mouth due to auto-immune disease.

          BTW DID, I read some of the thread you mentioned above, and it was very informative! I wish I had something like to get information and give me hope during my dark days back then.


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            I had unbearable dryness from lasik done in 2011, I started a thread about a procedure I had called prokera, basically it's a stem cell therapy. Any sort of amniotic membrane transplant would help. I strongly urge you look into it, I've done many other things for my dry eye but this one in particular pretty much saved my life.


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              I just want to say thank you to all the replies so far, just so lovely. I am actually in the UK so I'm not sure if they will be familiar with scleral lenses here but I will ask the clinic about it. I will also ask my doctor about Evoxac. The stem cell therapy also sounds interesting, although scary? I have been in absolute agony again with dry eye today- I have had the heating on in the car yesterday and in my house today. I genuinely get very depressed about the pain- I just love reading, going to the movies etc but at the moment these are things which are so excruciatingly painful. This advice is helping me feel that there is some hope though!


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                Hi Grace. Maybe start a new thread in this forum entitled something like "Need Recommendation For Sclerals in UK", and see what responses you get. From looking at the thread DID referenced, looks like he and several people went to see a doctor someone highly recommended and they were really happy with the fit and service. Just know that both the experience of the doctor fitting you for the sclerals is just as important as the actual scleral lens itself.

                Outside the US I believe the Boston PROSE lenses have locations only in India and Japan. Perhaps another option, if you cannot find someplace good in the UK, is going to the East Coast, like New York or Boston. I have heard several people come from other countries to get fitted. Here are the US locations:


                I wish you from the bottom of my heart all the luck finding resolution. I think you are on a good path, things will get better!


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                  Tea_Pot I am also about 1 year post Lasik. So far the best thing for me has been Autologous serum drops. They are supposed to help heal the corneal nerves that were severed during the Lasik. Ive only been on them since January. I still have super dry eyes but I think I have more good days then bad now. maybe they are slowly healing. Its hard to tell. I think I am going to look into the prokera next that Phillips55 mentioned. I'm just a bit unsure about it because while my current doctor says it can heal the nerves, others are saying it doesnt, just treats the cornea if there is damage. Also it seems super uncomfortable for the 5 days you wear it. But I am willing to try anything


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                    Hi there,

                    I am so depressed.

                    I am one year and 7 months post lasik. I use hycosan during the day as well as vita-pos at night. I clean my eyelids & lashes daily and also use an eye bag each evening. I have punctal plugs in each tear duct. I take an omega 3 supplement everyday.

                    I genuinely feel like giving up. I am not sure how much longer I can stay in my job as it is screen based and involves lots of reading (either from a pc or paper). Reading for pleasure, watching TV, going to the cinema, attending gigs/theatre excerbate my dry eye. Sleeping and using heating is also something I dread due to my dry eye issues as it causes pain.

                    I also really miss being able to step out into the daylight without sunglasses on. My eyes are so sensitive to light :-( my eyes are always tearing up due to the plugs so it is frequently difficult to see. My surgeon explained it's about choosing the lesser of 2 evils; removing the plugs and of course suffering more pain (which I have tried) or keeping the plugs in and having slightly less pain but streaming eyes. I have chosen streaming eyes, as without that I am in unbearable agony.

                    I just don't see the point right now. I feel no improvement in my dry eye as time passes and I hope that when I go to sleep at night, that I won't wake up. It seems ridiculous to just keep plodding along when you can no longer do the things you love and your job is at risk- just existing causes physical pain as your eyes no longer regulate their natural oils. This condition is likely to affect my entire future: career wise, financially- in fact it is doing so already! My employer keeps trying to put me onto different tasks but my eyes are so intolerant.

                    My surgeon (who is a total dick btw) has said I will get better "the nerves regenerate, it's proven" but of course we all know that in some cases, they don't. I have spoken to another expert about this and she has said because I am this far post op, my dry eye will not get better.

                    I am feeling utterly hopeless and want to scream, shout but more than anything wish I could turn back time and not get the surgery done. I am in my 30's and cannot imagine dealing with another year of this...I actually don't even want to deal with it or keep going to be honest. I am aware that is selfish but ironically I had recovered from deeply ingrained depression and anxiety before this surgery- not having glasses was supposed to improve my confidence and I am now right back where I started.

                    I am no longer enjoying life and think about suicide several times a day.

                    Apologies for the depressing post. I just don't know what to do.




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                      Originally posted by Tea_Pot View Post
                      I am actually in the UK so I'm not sure if they will be familiar with scleral lenses here but I will ask the clinic about it. [...] The stem cell therapy also sounds interesting, although scary?
                      The NHS in UK are familiar with scleral lenses, there are NHS scleral fitting clinics around the country. The most famous / experienced scleral fitter I think is Ken Pullum who is available on the NHS at Moorfields in London. Or you can visit him private at Hertford. Here's a link to his clinic site and a few links to other clinics I've heard of from these forums that can fit sclerals outside the NHS.


                      The Prokera amniotic membrane therapy Phillips55 mentioned isn't scary. It's basically just a big contact lens the doctor inserts for you and you keep it in for a week or two depending on which one you get (Slim is about 1 week, Plus is about 2 weeks). It's best to keep the eye closed during treatment except to put in antibiotics if possible, the membrane isn't transparent until absorbed by the eye anyway so can't see much even if you do open the eye, so they just do 1 eye at a time. At the end they simply take the contact lens ring out.

                      I'm in UK and had Prokera Plus for 2 weeks free on the NHS for my worst eye, had no complications. Unfortunately the benefits didn't last long in my case but my issue isn't related to LASIK so you may have a long lasting benefit like Phillips55. I'm told they import the amniotic membrane in from the Netherlands for the UK. It might be hard to get on the NHS but if you've already tried all the other options I think you're more likely, also may depend on which ophthalmologist you see. I can give details who I saw over private message if needed.

                      I also replied to your other thread with a few additional things about flow control plugs and autologous serum:
                      Sufferer due to Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.
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                        Please look into scleral lenses and moisture chamber glasses like Xenia. Do you have MGD as well? You should try going on fish oil and flaxseed oil if you do. Even if you don't, they can help improve the quality of your meibum to ensure your tears don't evaporate too quickly. There are many treatments out there, you have to find the right combo that works for your eyes.


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                          Praying for you Grace. I totally get it and have felt the same way. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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                            Hi Grace,

                            I have read your post, it's said. I have MGD, not severe, but recently I had an inflammation.
                            You should try Evening Primrose Oil topical, around your eyes, a little goes in your eyes. It will pinch a lot for 1 minute, feels painful really.
                            Wait one day, next day when you wake up see what it's like. Then you can decide if it's good for you or not.
                            I hope you still can enjoy life.

                            Your doc is so silly, nerve recovery, what should it do with dryness.


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                              Fifi87, nerve recovery has a great deal to do with dryness after LASIK! They cut through nerves when creating the flap.

                              Rebecca Petris
                              The Dry Eye Zone


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