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Lasik dry eyes 11 years

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  • Lasik dry eyes 11 years

    Post lasik dry eye sufferer.. still. I was 18.. Now docs say I have blepharitis and mgd. I never had these problems and know it's from my persistent severe dry eye. Docs seem to think other things but I am not stupid. I hate when they make you feel crazy.

    Trying restasis again as an almost last hope. My eyelids are always puffy and uncomfortable. I am pretty sure they malfunctioned. Of course my eyelids stick to my eyeball every morning.. I used to love mornings now I hate to get up. I have a great job that I love, perfect family.. but I am still severely depressed and anxious. Scared for my future. On pain medicine for pain and headaches.

    I honestly dont don't think this will sink in. After 11 years I am still flabbergasted that this is approved by FDA or somehow not managed better. Docs can get away with lying because you sign an unethical consent form. I remember like it was yesterday, Dr. Goel at lasik plus telling me I will heal after 3 months. What a prick! He literally ruined my life, he could have treated me first or tried to... I seriously want to puke every time the commercial comes on.

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    Hang in there. It is a battle each day. We will get there, OK.

    If they, the clinics and physicians, "selling" this procedure would have told us the truth and the hundreds, yes hundreds of complications it may cause, we the patient would turn right around and walk away, it is that simple, but we are not aware.

    Also...(we are NOT customers, but I think we are treated as such)