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    Originally posted by outdoorgirl View Post
    Maybe I should try some other drops. I've just used the refresh and maybe a different brand will help. Do you have a favorite?
    I like sodium hyalorunate drops like Hylo-Forte, Thealoz Duo etc. For an oil-based drop I like Cationorm (known as Retaine MGD in America).

    My bottom eyelids, especially my right eye eyelid definitely feels inflamed and the margins are red, so I have a feeling that eyelid washes are probably one of the more important things I can do. All the washes that I see (I've just started Ocusoft now), say to rub the top and bottom of the lids, but not near the eye. Is there any kind of wash that you can use next to the gland? Or am I just being too careful and can I do that with all the washes?
    I just smear the pure hypochlorous across eyelids after spraying on clean fingers, some might seep in but haven't found it irritating so far. Stuff like Ocusoft Hypochlor isn't available where I'm from though. If you find the Ocusoft Hypochlor irritating at all then you can maybe try Heyedrate Lid Lash which I read has less ingredients.

    Here's a few videos about how to apply the Heyedrate:
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      Hi outdoorgirl,

      I am also 24 and have MGD. I just developed dry eyes/MGD recently and am having issues sleeping deeply and for more than 5 hours. Do you also have sleep issues?

      How have your eyes been during outdoor activities you originally mentioned?


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        Originally posted by outdoorgirl View Post

        Anyway, do any of you have any advice? When I first wake up in the morning, my eyes are still red, but much, much, much less red than they are within 20 minutes and that's the one time of day that they are tolerable.
        If my eyes got worse within 20 min of getting up I would take a seriously look at what I am putting into them upon arising.....just a thought.



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