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New member. Hello all.Please help with my dry eye/myopia netipot overdose situation

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  • New member. Hello all.Please help with my dry eye/myopia netipot overdose situation

    Hello Everyone,

    Here goes my story, I have mild dry eye because of over using a homemade netipot ( 1/2-1 tablespoon of salt and water mix solution went up my nose which caused me to go short sighted in right eye and Have mild dry eye)

    Will my eye sight return in due time or am I permanently short sighted in my right eye?

    Just to clarify I am allergic to a few things and have sensitive skin and my body is very sensitive.

    I only mention the right eye because I used the solution in the right nostril as my sinus felt like it was blocked from my right nostril.

    I saw an optamologist and they said my eye was healthy and diagnosed me with mild dry eye. The Optamologist didn't know if it would be permanent or not.

    These are my results back from the opticians

    The left eye had no rx and the right eye had a mild myopic/astigmatic correction which improved px's vision. However the optometrist did not issue a Rx. (RE plano LE -0.25/-0.50x170)

    The patient is advised to go to A&E if the vision continues to worsen and to use Hycosan twice a day to lubricate the eyes.

    Visual fields and fundus appeared normal and no other abnormalities were detected.

    Also what is the least potent dry eye drops I can take. I do not want to take a corticosteroid.



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    Hi and welcome!

    Not sure why you would connect dry eye to a netipot specifically? Hard to imagine a direct connection there. But we do hear from a lot of people here who notice changes in dry eye when there's something going on with their sinuses. How did the ophthalmologist explain the vision change ?

    The Hycosan is harmless - preservative free lubricant drops. Not sure why you're mentioning corticosteroid? Did they prescribe one?

    When your eyes are dry, it's harder to measure the prescription accurately - it can fluctuate a bit. If their exam cleared you of other issues it seems unlikely there's anything to worry about.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      Hi Rebecca,

      Yes ,they prescribed me a deadly eye drop in my opinion- liquifilm tears"polyvinyl alochol and benzalkonium chloride 0.005%" unfortunately I accidentally overdosed on this eye drop and it gave me Hashimoto's thyroiditis disease which was confirmed by a specialist. My family have thyroid conditions. So it triggered it. Studies have confirmed this.

      I digress. Knowing that Im very sensitive to anything,I don't want to risk taking anything. I want to discover the underlying cause ( salt water damage from being sucked up my nose) before I even consider any eye drops. How would I go about this accurately and what safe dry eye drop would I take in the future? I hear there are side effects with the hycosan drops. It's not sinus related. My sinus hasn't made it worse.

      I was hoping that if my dry eye got better then my eye sight would get better as well but would this not be the case if my cornea is already been confirmed to be oval shape/mildly astigmatic/myopic?

      The ophthalmologist wasn't that helpful. They said my eyes were okay but I got a better more detailed answer about my eyes from the opticians which I explained in my last message

      Would I be a good candidate for punctal plugs?

      Thanks ever so much


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