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Young man: Is a cure possible?

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  • MGD1701
    It might be bacteria and demodex.

    UK has dry eye center - even check demodex and treat it. Good to visit their website.
    Good luck!

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  • BiochemicalWarrior
    I've just been doing a bit of research, and it seems a way to get the bacterial population down to 0 is with Azyter?
    As the underlying issue is not there, could Azyter for 30 days work. I'm not sure how I would get hold of it

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  • BiochemicalWarrior
    started a topic Young man: Is a cure possible?

    Young man: Is a cure possible?

    I am a 23 year old male. I contracted blepharitis and meibomian gland disease when I was 19 from taking finasteride for three months—finasteride is a hair loss drug which crashed my hormones and left me a shell, there is stigma against people who say they have permanent side effects. A lot of people do jump on the band wagon, and as it is individualistic, people with not so permanent effects can attribute their sufferings to finasteride. But 100% it can cause permanent side effects, my eye condition was actually my proof, that I could not reconcile for years, and led me to realise finasteride had been the cause. It made my testosterone 200, and TSH 5.2.

    I did not twig that it was finasteride for a while, and my eye problems varied in their severity, correlating with my other symptoms.

    When I went on steroid drops the symptoms did go away pretty much.

    Finally at aged 22, enough was enough and I went on Testosterone replacement therapy and Thyroid replacement therapy—both were out of the range low, and they are both somehow involved in meibomian gland function.

    My eyes improved greatly, when my thyroid dose was high, I could work at the computer all day every day, with no problems. Although the rest of my body could not take the high dose. I felt like it was only the blepharitis that was the issue.

    My current protocol is Eye bag rubbing my eye lids in the morning, wet ones, and blephasol with a cotton bud. After 7 months of hormone treatment, and this daily regimen there isnt much complaint, just that I still have the condition and that it may get worse, and I have to do this regimen, and that I have blurry vision a bit and floaters.

    Obviously when I first went to see an opthalmologist, they did not think it was hormonally related or anything. I believe that older women get this condition because of a drop in hormones. I also beleive the blepharitis is bacterial, as using the wet ones even without the eye bag, helps massively, and gets the bacterial population down, so my body doesnt have an inflammatory response, which is what is causing the symptoms.

    I think the hormones alleviate a lot of the dry eye and meibomian problem, I'm really not sure. Sorry if this all seemed dogmatic, I don;t really know, but this is what I am guessing is going on.

    All I know is that now my hormones are good, I shouldn't have the condition right, I feel like the condition should be able to be cured now, if I could get rid of the bacteria and have a lot of T3 and testosterone reaching the eye glands.

    Are there treatments I could do like a cleaning beam on the eye lids to get the bacterial population to 0 or something?

    Any thoughts I would love to hear—I thought I would write hear as in my mind this condition can be 100% caused by a hormonal problem, and others might realise what they are suffering. I think a lot of people would probably benefit from a testosterone cream, or checking their thyroid levels.

    In my case maybe a lot of the glands died or something, so even with healthy levels now I need higher levels in my eyes than the rest of the body, but I feel the blepharitis is the main problem, which is the bacteria, which I cannot get rid of, as I get way less of the blocked glands now— now I am on the hormones, where you can see like a bubble above the gland.

    Does anybody know a treatment, or a uk doctor, all i think i need is to get the bacteria down to 0.

    Could azasite help?
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