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    Hi everyone, I made this account in hopes that people have had a similar experience to mine and can provide some guidance and support. I started wearing contact lenses in 2011 and had no issues with them until December 2016. I was diagnosed with giant papillary conjunctivitis and was unable to wear contact lenses for a while. My contact lens tolerance began to decrease over the past year and a half and I stopped using them completely may 2018. My dry eye symptoms began June 2018 and have really wreaked havoc on my life, I was diagnosed with MGD. It is painful, difficult to manage, frustrating and depressing. After doing a lot of research, I realized that all of my eye issues started 3 months after beginning hormonal birth control (estrogen and progestin). I was wondering if people have had similar issues with birth control and if going off of it will help. Thank you!

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    It has not been my experience but there are several people on here who noted that their problems started after using a Mirena coil IUD for birth control. Unfortunately, as far as I know, removing it did not solve the problem. I would guess that if the hormones do affect your eyes that they are not the primary cause but rather the 'straw that broke the camels back' so to speak. You still need to have a proper assessment done and find a Dry eye specialist that can properly assess you with more sophisticated tests like Osmolarity and lipiview.

    Sadly this disease can be very debilitating but there are treatments and there is hope for improvement and there is a wealth of information on this forum. A lot of us know a lot more than the average Dr who looks at us because we do so much research and learn from each have come to a good spot.


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      maybe my earlier posting including the link of Dr Korb's latest videos (2016) which I found
      - where he mentioned contact lens issue too.

      I suspect incomplete blinking (possibly also inflammation) are likely your triggers due to contact lense.

      MGD is progressive so important to find a real expert, not easy unfortunately, to
      get accurate diagnosis = objective data in order to stop progression.
      MGD is not complicated to treat at early stage, but only if you are lucky enough to find a real expert.
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