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    Hi Holly, if they are recommending sewing the corners of your eyes that would suggest that you have an incomplete blink which could totally explain the source of your symptoms. Did they elaorate on why they are recommending this treatment?

    As regards probing my Dr feels that it is fairly invasive and doesn't recommend it until it is clear that IPL is not working to move the clogged oils out of your glands.


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      Originally posted by farmgirl View Post
      if they are recommending sewing the corners of your eyes that would suggest that you have an incomplete blink
      Surprising number of doctors still recommend tarsorrhaphy (which personally I think is barbaric if it's not absolutely necessary for vision preservation!) not because of exposure due to poor lid closure but just to reduce the exposed corneal 'real estate' in general. It's kind of weird, I used to hear about this a ton >10 years ago, then not as much for awhile, then it seemed like there has been a bit of a resurgence in the last couple of years. Often cases where either moisture chambers or sclerals had not even been tried yet.
      Rebecca Petris
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        It is my understanding that it is a rarely done procedure seems odd like Rebecca says that they would be recommending that without having tried other things first. It is not easily reversed if you're not happy and it doesn't resolve your problem. If you do ever get desperate enough to try it they can take a temporary stitch to see if it will work for you without committing to the actual procedure.


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          Am hoping to try scleral lenses first. Thanks everyone


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            edmunder I completely understand about the oil layer but think neuropathy is quite complex and it can be very confusing to know what is going on because the science isn't there yet.
            On the neuropathy group a lot of people are like you and have what would seem to be an extreme reaction to a low tbut/low oil layer, which they assume is some sort of neuropathy. My eyes used to be like that, but now when I add an oil based drop it makes no difference to my eyes and my pain is constant 24/7 even when my eyes are shut.


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