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Looking for support in transitioning to scleral lens -- and any other advice!

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  • Looking for support in transitioning to scleral lens -- and any other advice!

    Hi -- I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome in 2006, following some abnormal bloodwork. But thinking back to my trip to the emergency room the year before with a severe corneal abrasion, and all the followup trips to the ophthalmologist, I'm pretty sure I had Sjogren's before my official diagnosis. I started off with punctual plus -- which helped -- and graduated to punctual cautery. I've tried Restasis twice, without much success, and currently use Xiidra -- although I'm not feeling much of a difference. I use gel drops several times a day and ointment at night, and I usually do a warm compress in the morning before getting out of bed. I tried scleral lenses several years back, but was unable to get them in regularly, so I gave up. But my eyes have been SO BAD lately, when the ophthalmologist suggested I try them again, I jumped at the chance. So far, I've had three fittings and I've been able to get the one lens in on my own. One lens. One time. In three fittings. So -- I am desperate for help on how to make scleral lenses work this time, because the eye pain is really starting to bother me and impede my ability to work and drive and be outdoors in the sun. My next fitting is in May -- so any advice you might have for me between now and then would be welcomed! I have ordered an EZI ring and am looking into the Dolphys systems -- wondering if the stick or the stand wold be more useful. THANKS in advance for any feedback. Carol

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    Hi Carol. Itís totally normal in the beginning for it to take awhile to insert and remove sclerals on your own. Eventually it should take only minutes to insert and remove. I know thatís hard to believe but itís true once you get the hang of it!

    So sounds like your scleral doctor teaching you to insert and remove your sclerals with your fingers? Is he/she watching you closely as you attempt inserting to give you tips on your approach? Sometimes itís just one thing that need to change like how wide you can open your eyes with your fingers, or approaching the lens to the eye horizontally (versus slanted) while your head is also facing the counter horizontally. But it all depends on the method you were taught.

    I was taught to use plungers for insertion and removal by my PROSE scleral specialist. I can certainly give you detailed instructions on this method, if youíre interested. Thereís also videos online on how to insert, as well as this siteís My Big Fat Scleral Lens Facebook group who can also help.


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