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Hello! New member with dry eyes

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  • Hello! New member with dry eyes

    Hello! I came across this site whilst searching for answers for my eye issues. I believe I have 'Dry Eye' and second to that, swelling of the eyelids, with a possible diagnosis of MGD. Hope to find others with the same type of issues to learn more and see how I can manage it on my own. Lisa xx

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    Welcome. Do you mean you want to manage without the help of doctors. Where are you from. I am from England.


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      Hello Linda! Thank you for your reply. Yes, I need to find ways of trying to help myself. I was sort-of diagnosed with MGD by Bristol Eye Hospital. I saw several people there in several depts and no-one has any answer for me at all. The last person I saw said it *could be* MGD and I was released from their service at that appointment! So I had this diagnosis and no follow up or advice! I found this forum through googling MGD.
      I am going to start using a warm compress every night, and I am googling the best way to massage/express to see if that helps!


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        Did they supply you with eyedrops?


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          Hi, yes. The first department in the Eye Hospital prescribed Optanol as they thought it was allergy related. Then I was transferred to the corneal dept who thought MGD and discharged me, no-one has said to stop the drops so Iím still using them. Iím positive my issues are not allergy related.


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            Hi. Don't know how bad your symptoms are but perhaps you should check with your GP Re what eyes would be benificial to you,


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              Forgot the NHS and hospital based consultants, useless I'm afraid. Only useful for steroids or ikervis prescriptions.

              Find a good local dry eye specialist. Won't be free but you'll get proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


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