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And all this time I thought it was Allergies

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  • And all this time I thought it was Allergies

    So I went to the eye doc at the beginning of August for my bi-annual eye exam. I had high hopes of getting contacts but when I mentioned my eyes usually burn due to allergies, he said no ont he contacts (or rather, STRONGLY discouraged me from using them) and set me up with the opthomologist. Well, sure enough, I have Dry Eye Syndrome.

    He put these temporary plugs in to see how I would do and the relief was immediate. I was amazed. He also started me on Restasis and it burns a little and I have systane for use as needed. He also suggested HydroEYE (gods I hate pills).

    Anyway, my sister found this site and suggested I check it out. She's going to go see my eye doc as she is having the same symptoms and was having a hard time getting taken seriously.

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    This is a product that I was not familiar with. Does anyone have any input on this? Looks interesting on it's website. Of course, everything does.


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      You are gonna get some great stuff...

      and lots of help from this site! I'm a middle-aged first time RGP lens wearer--at least I'm trying. I knew my eyes were a little dry due to may age, etc. but when you start sticking lenses in your eyes, dry eye takes on a huge new role in your life.
      My doctor recommended warm compresses, etc. but didn't really take the time to explain the what, why, and how. This site will give you all that and more.
      I'm doing Restasis, too, along with warm compresses, drinking lots of water, goopy night gels, bottles of Soothe, Systane, GenTeal all over the house and in my purse, spinning around three times clockwise under a full moon--in other words, I'm trying all kinds of stuff. Check out the omega supplementation threads, too.
      I've been trying to get used to my lenses now for almost 3 months, with some days being okay and others being awful. What I've really learned is that all of these therapies take time to work and it takes patience and trial and error.
      My doctor has been really great about trying different lenses, too--they are all so different. I went through 3 different types and 3 different prescription tweaks.
      Good luck!