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  • New-Blepharitis

    HEllo everyone,
    I am new here...I have never had any eye problems before and all of a sudden this summer I got a popped blood vessel 2x within a two month period-following that the next month i got pink eye 2x(so my pc dr said) then i finally went to an eye dr and he said I have very dry eyes and blepharitis. HE said i prob never had pink eye but was misdiagnosed. So anyway the dr had me use the warm compresses- I used them for a month but i still had those little pimples or styes in my eyelids and my eyes are not clear anymore-all vessels everywhere. THe compress didnt work and now the dr wrote me prescription for doxyciline but i started taking it and it makes me naseous at times, and it makes u prone to yeast infections and all kinds of stuff.. and I dont want to be taking it for 6 months and it doesnt do anything. I dont like to take medicine period unless its an emergency. DOes anyone know home remedies, or any thoughts on how I can improve my condition? ANything would help THanks.

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    Hi Sandra24 !

    You have come to the rihgt place! I am so sorry that you are dealing with blepharitis. It is such a pain. The antibiotics do work so give them some time and maybe you can wean off of them in a few months once your eyes have stabilized. Or you can go on a lower dose.

    I like Flax seed oil suppliments. I take 2 tablespoons 2x a day. It takes a few weeks for it to help but, it seems to make a difference. Flax seed oil has Omega 3's which are good for you eyes. For me consistency has been the key. Be patient and keep up your routines of warm compresses, gently massaging the lower eyelid margin, doxycycline....etc.

    Did your doc give you any eye drops? Sometimes eye drops at night help your eyes heal faster.

    I am sure others will jump in with more ideas.
    Here's a link to more dry eye info where I originally read about flax seed oil.



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      Thanks for the reply, no the dr gave me drops a while ago for about a week but thats is....i use dry eyes drops from cvs in the mornings. I really dont want to take the doxyciline...there are so many side effect/restrictions of things u cant have when taking....its too much to be taking it for an extensive period of time. I am going to read up on the flax seed. What does that primarily help for? I really just want to do whatever i can at home without taking prescriptions?


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        Hi Sandra and welcome!

        There are a number of non-prescription things you can try. One of our favorite websites for blepharitis and meibomian gland problems is The Aging Eye. They have a wonderful summary. Take a look and read about different treatment options:

        You could also try doing a search of Dry Eye Talk using the search terms 'blepharitis supplements'. We also have a forum on nutrition supplements and one on meibomian gland dysfunction. Poke around the site're bound to bump into something non-prescription that appeals to you .

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          Thanks Cindy,
          I will look into this!


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            Great website! Thanks for posting this.

            I definitely have MGD as my primary problem. And I was on Accutane for cystic acne about 8 years ago.



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              Welcome Sandra

              Hi Sandra and welcome, sorry to hear about your eye trouble. About the doxy, one thing that you must do when you take it is eat a little something with it as it will cause stomach trouble and make you feel nauses. Don't drink alcohol with it and avoid extended time outside in the sun or tanning beds, boy did I learn earlier this summer about that one lol!!! Warm compresses will only help for a short time, its to get the oils working in your eyes but try as many eye drops as you can till you find the right one, its very tiresome but you have to. I really like the Refresh Plus eye drops, you can get those over the counter. Fish oil, Flax seed and Borish oil vitamins helps a lot. Once dry eye starts on someone its hard to deal with but everyone is different on how they respond to vitamins and different drops. Merry Christmas and again welcome. Ciao Delilah


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                Hey Deliah,
                THe Doxy-it makes me naseuous if i eat dairy with it so i mostly eat cereal for breakfast so that doesnt help...then i take vit c every day and fiber supplements and they dont mix together....also it gives you yeasts going to research on the diff drops, flax seed and what i else i can do w/o taking the doxy. Thanks for your post

                Merry Christmas to you too!!!


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                  I like to talk Kefir when I am on antibiotics. I don't take them at the same time. Kefir is a probiotic yogurt drink- kinda like a smoothie but, with tons of good flora to help your system.

                  Have a great holiday!



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                    Acidopholous also helps with the yeast infections. Make sure you buy it from a good place (health food store) where it has been refrigerated and keep it refrigerated.


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                      I take the acidophilous too..but i still feel a yeast infection.Ive decided to try home remedies and see if they work and not take the doxyciline. I talked to the dr today and he said the other alternative to the dox is some drops called ristasis or something like that but i didnt like that alternative either. And what annoyed me is he didnt even know that antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of Birth control. Hes like who told you this??? I feel hes too young and inexperienced....anyway im not gonna take anything prescription and see what happens....wish me luck!


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                        Biotears really works!

                        I 've had dry eye and blepharitis for 9 years. I've tried everything! nothing works except for BioTears from Biosyntrx. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients like curcumin in it that definitely helps! My case is really severe and my schirmer's test went from 0 mm to 1mm in one eye and 1.5 in the other. Other things that I've found work are: cut out caffeine, artificial sweeteners, sugar, wheat and nightshade plants (tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tobacco). Sugar and wheat are inflammatory foods and they can trigger the blepharitis. Check out a book called The Eye Care Book, it gives you some guidelines.


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                          jp2084, what was the cause of your dry eye problem? Why, after 9 years have you not been able to get the blepharitis under control? It really saddens me that people have dealt with this for so long!!

                          When people actually do get their blepharitis "under control", does that mean they no longer have any symptoms?


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                            hey, its nice to know that someone my age also has dry eyes too. How did the doctor diagnose you with dry eyes? Did he tell you why you have them? Just wondering, thanks


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