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    Hi Vicky

    vicky, I also have dry eyes on the cornea. Yours sounds pretty mild, and my is too although my right eye can bother me a lot. I asked the doc about the health of my eyes and she said just to using muro 128% ointment at night and some drops in the day. You can actually use the muro in the day if needed too. It brings tears to the surface of your eye and is very comforting. I also bought special goggles to wear at night as I think I sleep with my eyes open a bit and that caused the problem in the first place. These really seem to help. They are from ECCOEYES, off the web. Also taking a good combination of essential oils is very helpful as well as drinking 8 glasses of liquid a day. Primrose evening oil is suggested in my Nutritional Healing book. 3- 500mg caps 3x a day. Also vit c. Also look up eyelid scrub on the web, under This is about all I know. Rocco


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      Originally posted by rocco
      I also bought special goggles to wear at night... These really seem to help. They are from ECCOEYES, off the web.
      I'm guessing you mean TranquilEyes by EyeEco. (Their website is I got a sample of these recently but haven't found the time to try them out yet. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about them though. - For those attending our event in February, I believe EyeEco will have a booth in the exhibit hall so you'll get a chance to see them if you haven't already.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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