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  • Treatments?

    Is there anything useful that someone in the uk can get? I can't obtain ikervis cause it's suppose to be via from nhs, my optremist was no use. I'm using bio tears with about 80% relief my water part of my glands is so inflamed it doesn't water during the day. I had something that worked but fell through! Also upon looking at a lot of research why is it the USA/fda everything is being centred there? I mean there are other places too. Bit annoying, it's as if others do not matter as much, it feels like that anyway, sorry, I just wish mainly in the uk there were more options. I'm just fed up and wondered if there are many options for me apart from that? I'm going to a place in 3 weeks time, Peter ivins apparently it's really amazing and has a lot of technology for dry eyes including inflammdry. If anyone has anything that might help please drop a message. Thanks~ (sorry if it seems I'm ranting I'm fed up with lack of options for myself)