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Proper eye drop instillation

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  • Proper eye drop instillation

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently on a four drop regimen of restasis, lotemax gel, patanol, and artificial tears. I am taking the lotemax and patanol because of very bad ocular allergies that has manifested into papillary conjunctivitis (I have seen an optometrist about this). I have been on restasis for about two months, and had about a week and a half of improved and good feeling eyes before the allergies kicked in, so bad timing.

    I have a question on eye drop instillation. Since I am on steroids and anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories, what's the best way to instil the eye drops? I read different things in different sources. My current method is:

    Place the drop in the pouch in the lower eyelid, and gently close my eyes. Place a finger at the corner of my eye near the nose to close the punctum, and keep my eyes closed for 2 minutes. In the lotemax gel pamphlet I received from CVS, it even says to roll my eyes (while they're closed) a few times in order to get the medication spread around the eye.

    Is this a good method? Does rolling the eyes help? My conjunctivitis is on the upper eye lids, so my hope is to get the medication up there.

    Thanks for your insights.
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