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Travel with Serum Drops and Dry Eye Sunglasses

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  • Travel with Serum Drops and Dry Eye Sunglasses

    Hi! I am newer to severe dry eyes (one year in) and am a 31-year-old female. I've never had Lasik so I am frustrated and confused by my sudden onset of dry eyes. The hardest thing for me is not being able to be outside for long, if at all. I've worn contacts my whole life and they exacerbate the problem, but I don't feel like myself with my glasses on. I am going to the beach next week and am wondering the best way to keep serum eye drops frozen, or at least very cold, on a flight. Is it better to pack them in your checked bag so they stay cold? I am also wondering if anyone has recommendations for sunglasses that will keep out the wind from my eyes on the beach. I am petite and have a small face. Thank you for your help!

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    First off, I'm sorry you're having these issues. But let me remind you, a contact lens is a foreign body in the eye and effects the tear film. It could be that the contacts did small damage over the years that accumulated into what you're experiencing now.

    As for serum, yeti coolers are amazing at keeping things cold for a very long time if you don't mind the big price tag. But the cheap route is this...fill plastic bags with ice in carry on luggage, dump ice right before you go through the scanner. Once past the scanner, go to the nearest restaurant that has ice and either ask or just take it from the fountain drink area...replenish your bags and keep going. You can store it all in a small Tupperware.

    Good luck, I'm 7 months in from an accident, got dust from my garbage can in my eyes...changed my life forever.


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      I have a soft sided 6 pack cooler and I put frozen gel packs in it and keep it in my carry on in case my checked bag goes missing. I have only once had a problem on day 2 of my travels when the hotel I was staying in put it in their 'freezer' and the gel packs started to thaw. Some officious busy body trying to justify her existence gave me grief and I was sent to secondary but apart from that in 4 years and many flights it has never been an issue, they are generally very understanding.

      I agree with Dowork about the contacts, they can be the cause of your problems, ditch them except for occasional use if you are feeling somewhat better. If possible find some safety glasses with a gasket like 7 Eye or Wiley X for sun wear and the darker the better. Also plan on wearing a wide brim of some description it helps keep the wind from coming in the top..


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