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Maybe a revolution: Better result than IPL, to use at home and cheaper than 300$

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  • Maybe a revolution: Better result than IPL, to use at home and cheaper than 300$

    Study will start soon to confirm this.
    imagine a device that has a better result with melting meibum than IPL, a safe device that can be used at home, at any time, cheaper than 300 $ and finally, already in the market. Yes, i know, unbelievable right?
    thank's to Dr. Cremers for this finding.
    the device is Arbonne Intelligence® Genius Ultra

    We tried 2 patients: 1 eye Ultrasound Wand (right eye on both patients); Other eye, IPL standard protocol for skin type like we usually do.

    The results were very exciting!
    I will post the video on Youtube asap.
    It looked like the wand did a better job melting the oil than the IPL for expression. This is only 2 cases but exciting if patients can use this daily.
    I do not think there is any harm in using this machine on the eyelid skin. Studies below suggest it might be even safe to use it over the eye though more studies are needed.
    I am not a consultant for this company but I am very excited on possibility this might help.

    And the wand is much less expensive that other portable options like portable IPL wands.
    see the post in her blog :

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    bobXfr I just bought this. I will let people know how it works for me.

    I figure $300 isnt much if it works.


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      No idea if this device actually helps but it seems like you can get this new on eBay for much less than $280.
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        edmunder be careful when use it, there is no evidence that it's safe to use on the eyelid skin. ultra sounds will elevate temperature, and if it's too hot, it can cause damages on tissues or glands.
        may be contact the dr's patient to tell you how she use it. the email is in the Dr's blog.


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          This is the emsil I got from the blog Dr Cremer had about the people who used it for dry eye.



          We used the Genius Ultra for a total of 3 minutes. The Genius Ultra is designed to automatically shut off after 1 minute of use. So, we did 1 minute at a time with a minute or so break in between. Since the tool was designed for skin care and because most people’s skin would need a little lubricant for the Genius Ultra to glide comfortably, I used the Arbonne eye cream for the 1st minute, then serum for the 2nd minute, and facial oil fir the 3rd minute.

          The Genius Ultra had 3 heat settings (89, 91 and 93 degrees F), which the user can adjust to his/her liking.

          Please let me know if you have any other questions.

          Lynn Makris
          Executive District Manager
          Independent Consultant

          On Aug 2, 2018,
          As a dry eye sufferer I’m always interested in new possibilities for treatment and maintenance. Dr. Cremer’s blog mentioned the Arbonne Genius Ultrasonic wand.
          How many minutes were the patients using this wand per session or how many times per day. I see from some Arbonne reps youtube videos how to use the wand. It seems pretty simple.
          Did the patient first use a hot compress and follow with wand use? As you can see im quite curious.
          Any information would be appreciated and passed on.
          Thank you so much,


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            3 minutes and had results? Seems impossible. I will supplement this wand use before and after Warm compress daily.


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              edmunder thank's for the post. I hope it'll help.You can try it on one eye only to see if it's working.


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                Originally posted by edmunder View Post
                3 minutes and had results? Seems impossible. I will supplement this wand use before and after Warm compress daily.
                i wanted to buy this also but i read it can cause damage to the cornea


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                  edmunder i wanted to buy this device too but i read that can damage the cornea if it used around the eye


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                    Caution and please don't use things like this without a doctor involved.
                    Rebecca Petris
                    The Dry Eye Zone