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(Poll) Who here has recovered to a significant degree? Please vote here, thank you for your time. (Poll)

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  • (Poll) Who here has recovered to a significant degree? Please vote here, thank you for your time. (Poll)

    Here is a poll. I am curious to know the answer to this. Please choose one. Everyone will not fit neatly into these two choices but pick the answer to your personal experience.
    Thanks in advance for voting.
    Feel free to explain your answers if you would like to share.
    Yes, I have recovered to a reasonable quality of life.
    No, I have not recovered to a reasonable quality of life.
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    MGD, partial blink, aqueous deficiency
    14+ months
    30+ "treatments"
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      Hi Dano
      If I recover some day I will not come to this forum as I will find it depressing and probably reminds my current situation. Do not expect to get a good result from this.


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        Ugh! I voted accidentally in my phone and now I canít remove my vote. I would say I am both. Half and half.


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          I voted no.

          MGD, partial blinker, evaporative dry eye, chronic inflammation
          1yr of pain
          No improvements


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            Yes I may have to care and think about my eyes every day but Iíd say there are people in far worse positions to me and itíd be selfish of me to get upset all the time!


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              Floppy Eyelid Syndrome
              13 months, 8 doctors, finally functioning again.

              EDIT: the fear is long can I maintain this feeling. I feel pretty much like my old self with intermittent pain that I can easily handle. That said, Iím on a lot of drugs. When I come off, will I still feel good. Only time will tell.
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                I voted Yes.

                I went from being bedridden for a yr, to now functional and working 10+ hrs / day in front of computer.

                My treatments are: Xiidra (x2 per day), Restasis (x2 per day), IPL (monthly), Omega3 (PRN or Nordic Naturals) and GLA (HydroEye). I also did Prokera in one of my eyes.


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                  Im too Unsure to vote, am I better then what I was? Yes I believe a bit, am I at the stage where Iím happy, I donít think so. And for that reason I donít feel Iím able to vote.


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                    Yes since I've found out the root cause and started a new routine.
                    MGD + demodex + partial blinking + allergies
                    Treatment = Hot compress + TTO + HOCL + allergic drop + doxycycline


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                      I believe I've recovered to a reasonable quality of life. The Mon-Friday work week is tough since I'm on the computer all day. However, I started wearing moisture chambers at work and have had further improvement. The weekends have been great lately as long as I stay off all screens, get adequate rest, put in artificial tears every 25-30 minutes, and eat relatively clean foods.

                      I'll also be getting blood drawn for Serum tears next week so very excited as I'm aqueous deficient due to PRK surgery years back. The holiday season also helps boost the mood, which helps us forget about our issues from time to time. Many things to be positive about!


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                        Im somewhere between. My left eye has some issue that causes shooting pain, but no staining. Even with sclerals. That gnawing issue causes me a lot of problems.

                        Im not good enough to work but not bad enough to want to die, right now. Thats with everyday steroid use. Blood serum. Sclerals.

                        Im still grieving the loss of my life and everything I worked for up to ths point, and the loss of a future. That leaves me crying and hopeless a lot.

                        So i think thats more a no.


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