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First Hypochlorous Acid Eye Drops? (RenaSan Eye Drops, similiar to Avenova)

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  • First Hypochlorous Acid Eye Drops? (RenaSan Eye Drops, similiar to Avenova)

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading for a while, but decided to post today since I just found out that the company that makes NatraSan (similiar product to Avenova - which is for eyelid hygiene) are now selling Hypochlorous Acid eye drops. At first glance it's easy to disregard these eye drops since they are being marketed as a product for animals (dog, cats, etc).

    However, the ingredients for all NatraSan and RenaSan products are actually identical but just with different sizes and branding (for different markets) - and in this case the delivery method (Eyedrops are well... in eyedrop form, while NatraSan First Aid is in spray form).

    I have confirmed with the manufacturer Renapur that all their products Hypochlorous Acid products are safe for humans. In their FAQ you can also find seven independently trials verifing that their product is indeed safe.

    Reply to an e-mail I sent Renapur asking if their product "NatraSan First Aid Spray" was safe for Eyelid Hygiene.
    "Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your email.

    Yes, NatraSan is safe to use for eyelid hygiene. NatraSan kills 99.9999% of bacteria without stinging and is composed of <5% Hypochlorous Acid in saline solution, which does not contain Sodium Hypochlorite.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Kind Regards
    Chloe Rose-Neale"
    Reply on Facebook from Renapur if RenaSan Eye Drops are safe for humans, and if the dosage of 3-4 eyedrops they recommend for animals would apply to humans:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your message.

    Yes, that is correct! RenaSan has been tested and proven safe for use on humans and is safe to use in and around eyes, dosage recommended 3-4 times a day or as you feel is necessary.

    RenaSan is the exact same solution as NatraSan (one marketed for animal use and the other marketed for human use). Please follow this link for more information on how to use NatraSan/ RenaSan >

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask

    Kind regards


    You can find the product here:

    (Notice the description contains this text: "This means every element of the product has been independently tested for safety and efficacy (effectiveness) and are approved for veterinary (and human) use.")

    In Spray Form:

    Discussion about NatraSan / RenaSan


    I've ordered a couple of bottles to try this out. I've been using the NatraSan Spray for a couple of days and it's not giving me any complications at all (no benifits either though so far, but others on this forum has had success with it). Eyedrops seems to be a better delivery method, and you get a more concetrated dosage instead of sprays of it through the NatraSan First Aid Spray.

    What do you guys make of this? Would you give it a go?
    / Daniel

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    Thanks for sharing. I am not that adventurous to try such new drop with HOCL yet, although I have been using NatraSan spray for nearly 2 years. I tried it only out of curiosity because all +15 doctors said I did not have inflammation. It was a wonderful surprise - solved my watery and discharge problems, just in a few days.

    HOCL controls bacterial load but not a magic.
    The spray can not penetrate to the skin, I have read but maybe the drop can do a better job?

    If someone are kind enough to consult their doctors, who are real experts,
    like Dr. Periman or Dr. Art Epstein and share with us their comments, that would be great.

    Natrasan now has added: can be used in and around eyes in their new spray bottles.
    I just brought more recently and noticed this.
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      Hi Danneman

      Thank you for sharing this information. I have only just come across it, and that’s why I have not commented earlier.

      What you are saying is highly interesting, because it provides potetntially new treatment options for dry eye.

      We now have also some empiric data to back up this information: MGD 1701 has used the Natrasan First Aid spray for nearly two years with very good results and I have used it for 11 months also with excellent results.

      Because of its effectiveness and low price, I believe that Natrasan First Aid Spray, is very good news for dry eye suffers, who might want to use it for eye hygiene combined with other treatment or in some cases even as a standalone or maintenance treatment. Danneman, could you please report back how you are getting on with the Renasan eyedrops. I think this would be interesting for everybody in this forum. Thanks.


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        Hi Danneman,
        As far as I can establish, Avenova only comes as a spray and not as eyedrops. I think this calls for caution, because it means that only Renasan would then be available as eyedrops
        I hope you don't mind my saying so, but perhaps you should only start with only one or two drops per day máximum to see how you tolerate them.


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          Hi hannsho & MGD1701,

          I agree with being cautious. I will try one drop first, and then wait for a day to see if I experience any adverse effects.
          I will report back when I have any new information of value.

          / Daniel


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            Recieved the product today. I instilled one eye drop in my left eye and closed it for a couple of seconds - no burning or bad sensations - but as soon as I opened the eye it burnt quite a bit and I could see how it flashed from white to red. After 5 minutes though most of the redness was gone.

            Maybe it's the amount of salt in the product that gave the sensation of burning (I can taste salt in my mouth), in any case I will wait for one day to see how my eye is tommorow. Will report back!

            It's been one day. It took a couple of hours for my eye to completely recover, but it's probably because my eyes are very sensitive. Won't be using the product anymore, unless I have an infection that I want to treat.
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