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    ok the way i got dry eye was very sudden. It happened when i went to see two laser pre appointments in in two day timespan. I was perfect in till the second appointment now i have living with disease for three years now and had pretty average dry eye where I couldn’t be outside without eye drops and even then sometimes it was to much for me. I had no laser surgery though

    Then i had bad period which where i am now, more on success part later. It happen four months ago i started to feel pain in lower abdomen on and off and then every.night forcing me not to sleep. I then took sleeping pills and it worked fell asleep and I awoke with dried out eyes(i normally ok with genteal in my eyes) sticking to my eyelids after few hours sleep and my eyes were sore and red. This continued like this every night i would sleep two maybe one hour. i tried every ointment I could find no better. I then went to masks and had little to no success even i sometimes could get genteal to feel okish when waking with mask but after taking it off i would feel sore, dry and red. Sometimes one of my eye would glue shut while other would be fine. Sometimes both. It got so bad i had to go to the drs on many occasions and my eyes got really bad. Then one day one my eyes went red and inflamed, so i got put Lotemax in and it calmed it down. On this i felt a lot better still not perfect but comfortable, i had been put on another steroid ointment recently when i first got bad by another dr and did nothing for me. I sometimes woke up after few hours and i would feel like my eyes where lubricanted. At first i still had some dryness at night with Lotemax, but not glued shut. It varies a lot. My symptoms fluctuate on daily basis. I had this for two weeks and stopped and my eyes got slowly worse again and had another bad episode in the day

    Ok so i recently had lipflow and lipiview which showed i had a decent amount of glands. My eye were tested for inflammation and he hard time getting tears from my bottom lid After the treatment my left eyelid felt really dry straight after this. i then had felt my left eye dry at night for most days after, but sometimes the right eye would be drier at night. Very odd no?
    i also was given 1 week lotemax again it felt ok in the day again, but this time felt crap at night both eyes felt super dry after two hours of sleep with one eye feel dryer then the other. Anyway i had really bad day when my left eye went bone dry more than before and i had slowly open it with me pouring saline in my corner of my eye like i always do. it was sticking to my eye as i opened it and then I had sensitivity to light in both eyes and my eyelids felt super sore. I was in pain the office as she examined me lift my eyelids and suggested bacteria and prescribed me antibiotics ointment. I used pure sovereign silver which is natural antibiotic for years and found i never got eye infections in that time so never thought i needed a antibiotic ointment, I also been on Trobradex for week at night when this all started as well and that did nothing for me. (Steroid plus antibiotics) anyway i just started using Avenova two days prior to me going in office with sore eyelids and light sensitivity. Anyway that night i put in the antibiotic and it stung after 30 mins i rinsed it out and then I decided to put genteal in my eye as i would find if i put two lots of ointment in at night eyes would feel dryer. So normally after a wake first time I would put genteal in for rest of the night. It kinda worked, but it would be worse if put ointment in again after waking. So i put genteal in my eyes with face mask as normal and i what woke to was a major surprise.

    After four hours asleep my eyes felt wet and lubricated. This felt amazing i could not believe my eyes ( yep i said that). My eyes felt great and every other time i would wake up i would feel some dryness or extreme dryness. So i wipe my eyes with Avenova and my eyes felt good. Then i put in my eye drops and they felt Amazing. I mean it Amazing my eye glided over my eyeball, it was something i never experienced before even when eyes were steady dry for 1 year and resisble comfortable indoors. It was like i was cured this effect was with all eye drops types i had. I even had watering effect from Hydo san extra where my eye overflowed with tears. Never happened before. Unfortunately for me i tried the ointment again two day later and woke up with sore throat and left the ointment in my eye and then re applied ointment after washing it out the old ointment and i woke up eyelid locked onto eyes causing a greater abrasions in both eyes. Extreme light sensitivity. Then i had to problems using genteal as this put to much pressure on my eye causing pain, so i had back to ointment(this seemed stupid move, but nothing else worked. Very odd in this time still felt great on my eye drops. But my eye would keep getting abrasions and not healing everyday to point i had to go back on Lotemax because i had bad episode with my eye after using muro 128 ointment in my eyes. Even though that eye i woke up with was less dry than the one i had no problems with that day. Very odd. I have a theory but i leave that to another post.

    I had been using warm compress everyday after lipiflow and had stop when i had my abrasions, as it was so sore. I even had stop recently my fish oil as i have took to many ibuprofen causing a stomach ulcer. I on healing that now after four days of diet change to heal the ulcer. I am not using the medicine they give it just add more side effects. On top of this i had take sudafed for four days to clear up fluid in my ear. I now off that for my second day. I have been able to use genteel again as I been taking muro 128 solution every three hours for three days and got abrasions slightly under control, but the genteal gel seems non effective as my eyes have super dry the last rwo nights. Yet the daytimes seems ok, but slightly worse than after the first week after the miracle day i had. It all just so damn random. I refuse to go Restasis as it mess with immune system, but i was going to the last time i went to the doctor, i gave in and they told me it would take two days to prescribe after insurance accepts me. Then as i said i woke up the next day feeling cured and never got it. I got no idea whats going on with me but i think its combo of Avenova, Gut and maybe the glands being blocked up. But for that period of week i could go outside and feel no dryness what so ever,. That to me was a success, but after bunch of other thing happening to me i back to where i was but slightly better in dryness in the day, but worse due to light sensitivity and blurry for awhile. I am puzzled at what cured me and what regressed me. I still fighting with injured gut after the ulcer issue and hopefully i can get back to dry eye relief. So i had suceess for short time, but the sucess was Amazing i cant tell you how good it felt. It was not a little better it was a lot better.

    Also some more detail

    i got diagnosed with Fatty liver non alcoholic version in march this year after my pain the abdomen. I was 210 pounds at the time. I got told to lose weight nothing else. I had lost weight before rapidly a year before i went from 200 to 170 in 30 days as my eyes were ok ish then i didn't notice a difference . So this time I looked at if was link to gut and dry eyes and to my surprise i found article from this year saying their could be a link

    From 210 pounds i lost 50 pounds i now 160 after four months. I losing maybe 10 pounds more,

    Also after telling my dry eye specialist that i found cure she could not be interested instead just pushing me on the drug treatment. I want to find the problem out i feel like so close and she does not care. If anyone know somebody near Bellevue, wa that can help me please recommend me. I running out money and my job is at risk from this as called out a lot. Plus my room mates leaving and i have find some cheap room to rent. Life seems to happened all at once and as i have no family here. I feel alone so any help advice would be appreciated.

    Also having applied the Avenova it made my body light and whole body felt great. I done think its that alone as tried it out as sample two years prior, but my eyes alot better back then they are now. I hope people understand this post as i terrible at english writing.
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