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  • Scleral Lense - Black Dot

    I got my 1st pair of scleral lenses today, but there is black dot on my right lens that moves around and is clearly visible. The doctor said you wouldn't be able to see this black dot? Does this mean my lenses don't fit correctly? My other lens is foggy the minute I put it in.... sigh... afraid I didn't get a great fit. They did scans of my eye and ordered the lenses, but didn't seem like an extensive fitting process and not sure what brand these are.

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    Black spot could be a floater maybe. Fog is either you did not get the lens properly or maybe a bad fit. When I put mine in if they are foggy I have to do it over. When I first got them it could be several tries until I got it right. Did they work properly when the doctor tries them?


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      It can take several fittings over time to get the optimal scleral lens fit. Hopefully the fogging will lessen once you complete the fitting process. Still, some people continue to have fogging...sometimes things like changing from unbuffered to buffered preservative-free saline (or vice versa) or putting in a few drops of a thicker PF drop like Refresh Celluvisc or Hylo Forte in with the saline when you fill your lenses can help with fogging and/or discomfort. You can talk to your scleral specialist about this when you go for your next fitting or follow-up.

      Does the black dot on your right lens move just initially when you insert the lens, or continue to move around the entire time you wear them? If just initially, itís probably ok and just the lens settling onto your eye how it fits best. Again, mention this to your specialist. But with my latest pair of sclerals Iíve had for a year now, I noticed the black dot on my right lens would move when initially inserting the lens, but stay basically in that same place for the remainder of the day. I mentioned this to my scleral specialist at my six month check when she took out and reinserted my lenses and said the fit was still fine. Based on her input and given that I wear my lenses typically 10-12 hours a day, I donít think the black dot moving upon insertion has been a sign of poor fit, at least not for me.

      FYI, unless you had sclerals custom-made exactly to fit the shape of your eyes, like EyePrintPro lenses where they take a physical mold of your eyeballs, for most patients sclerals are fitted from a variety of symmetrically spherical lenses of different sizes and vaults.


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