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Difficulty reading computer screens but not reading during eye exams!

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  • Difficulty reading computer screens but not reading during eye exams!

    Hi friends,

    I have a fairly long history with dry eye. I had PRK in 2011 and took accutane when I was younger. The result is an unfortunate battle with dry eye that has affected my life a great deal because I read computer screens for my profession. I have seen many optometrists and a handful of ophthalmologists over the years and am currently treated with xiidra and regular eye drops, although I also have plugs. I would say my night dry eye is fairly severe (can't open eyes without corneal erosion), but my daily dry eye symptoms are tolerable, at least as far as how I FEEL. They don't feel too dry or hurt much, although I do have very sore, dry, eyes at the end of the day.

    My MAJOR life problem is that I have problems reading large computer screens like on a laptop or desktop computer. My problems apply mostly to reading text on white background, and I don't have as much difficulty when using phone screens. Essentially, when I look at a screen, my eyes feel "overwhelmed," I feel a bit dizzy, and I get headaches almost instantly. Eyedrops, the 20/20/20 rule, and computer glasses have provided some modicum of relief. When I see eye doctors, I quickly pass reading tests because I don't have trouble reading individual letters when they are small.

    If I'm already receiving available treatment for dry eye, what else can I do? Is it possible I'm just destined to have trouble reading screens even though that is my job? Have sclerals helped anyone with similar symptoms?

    A few notes: I also have starbursts at night and see shadows or ghosting on some things. I often have to blink to clear my vision. I don't use glasses other than computer glasses, but highly recommend those for anyone who is having similar problems!