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Food – How long does it take to affect your eyes?

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  • Food – How long does it take to affect your eyes?

    Does anyone have an idea how much time it takes for food you consume to affect your meibomian glands and oil flow? Hours? Days? Or longer?

    I've been experimenting with my diet to try and resolve quite severe MGD and blepharitis. I'm eliminating and reintroducing foods but it's difficult to identify which foods are making it worse since I'm not sure if a bad day is due to something I ate a day ago or a week ago. I have a hunch i am reacting more to carbs and sugars than I am specific foods.

    If anyone has figured this out your help would be appreciated!



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    I think it all depends on the food. Some food will get easily absorbed by one and not by another person. And then you also have the form in which the food is processed which impacts the absorption I think.
    And every person is different, some react to gluten or yeast in a matter of 24 hours, while a lot don't; which makes it very complex.
    It is not my area of expertise by any mean.
    I also since recently understood that some supplements have to be taken for several months before they can have an impact, which I guess has something to do with the absorption and the time for it to have effect on the system. Omega3 for example, is best absorbed in triglyceride form rather than ethyl esters. Just like antibiotics need time before they have any effect (doxy-, minocycline). On the other hand, personally, I have a feeling that some food is easily absorbed and can quickly affect the system; like sugars for example, where one can have acne in short matter of time after eating some.


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      Thanks for the reply Gilles. I couldn't find much online in regard to the timeframe between consuming and the effect of the food on the oils in the eye. But it's interesting that you raised acne, because there's plenty of info on this and yes, as you observed, it is a pretty small timeframe. Depends on the food as you say, but looks like a matter of hours (2-12 hours) before people experience breakouts.

      Knowing the timeframes for the categories of foods would be really useful for figuring out the right diet.

      Anyone else have experience with this that they could share?


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        back in march i was eating chocolate and suffered flare up of severe dry eyes a day later that lasted almost a week.
        white sugar causes massive inflammation to my lacrimal glands and presuming effect is reduced tear which are also toxic tears.

        i'm pretty sure it effects my meibum glands as they get blocked quickly.

        i try to keep my blood sugars low: eat a anti inflammatory diet, decent amount of fibre, etc


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          For me it feels like a matter of hours, usually. I've identified coffee as being a source of flare ups, am not sure why, possibly the acidity or it simply being a diuretic. Seems to help if I chase it with wheatgrass (highly alkaline) or drink low acid cold brew, but I stopped experimenting because the negatives outweighed the positives.

          Wheat also seems to aggravate it, which is no surprise given its inflammatory. Am starting to experiment with cutting sugar way down, buying keto, but too early to notice changes.

          And of course consuming dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, broccoli definitely helps.


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            It depends upon the type of a food you just swallowed. If it is liquid, like milk or soda, in 1-2 seconds it is in your stomach. If it is semisolid, like breakfast cereal of porridge ( cooked oats and milk), or yogurt with some cereal, it might be 4-6 second; but if it is more towards solid, like hamburger ( bun, cheese, meat, and other fixings) or a biscuits ( with sausage, egg, cheese), it can be as much as 7-8 seconds. These are just approximation.