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  • BAK gel drop

    Hello everyone.
    I just wanted to see if anyone else was ever prescribed a gel eye drop with BAK? I was in Germany and the DR prescribed me a gel eye drop that had BAK! She said to use it for 4 weeks, 3-4 times a day!!!
    Well after two weeks I had big issues from it. I was just wondering if your eyes can heal from this or if it can be an issue since BAK is known to do bad things! I have also read that if you use a drop more than 4 x a day it should be presertive free. I had no clue. I just did what the Dr said.

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    after reading a lot about BAK ( interesting article by Mark Abelson MD)......i would say (as The Verdict of that article says) that it may damage the ocular surface if used for a long time and several times during the day. if you used it only 3 - 4 weeks and feel that it may have damaged your eyes i would be VERY surprised since milions of people are currently using drops with BAK without having problems.
    If you are allergic to it...well that's another thing


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      Thanks for the information..
      They said I have no surface damage, however, they checked under my eye lids and saw that there was bumps. So I had some allergic reaction to it. They said sometimes an allergic reaction can close your memboian glands. So that is what is going on now...


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        be sure that your not allergic to something else too ....anyway i never heard that an allergy can cause MGD! sorry for that i have it too



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          Yes it can cause your MGDs to dysfunction.
          I can do warm compresses all day and NOTHING works..
          My right eye is always sore. And I never had any of this tell that gel. MGD must be very hard to sort out.. It is very frustrating!


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            i think i ve understood that warm compresses are not the important part of's how you express the glands...if you do it well you can clean everything very soon.........anyway since often is chronic you gotta pay attention might come back.....about red eyes...yes i have them too but i hope that after cleaning Blepharitis and hydrating the eyes a steroid will clean them definitivily.

            Ciao happy new year


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