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Is cauterisation more effective than plugs

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  • Is cauterisation more effective than plugs

    Hi everyone. My doctor suggested to me today that plugs leak quite a bit and I should now have cauterisation done as this would be more effective in stopping water drainage.

    My lower plugs are comfortable and the idea of cauterisation is a bit off putting to me, though I would do it if there was evidence that cauterisation would be way more effective.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I've had some bad experiences with doctors in the past so am not very good at always trusting what they say!

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    I had the uppers cauterized because I am sure that I am never going to recover to the point that I will need the upper drains. I chose not to cauterize the lowers because like you they don' t bother me (where the uppers can be scratchy) and because in the event that I do improve to the point that I could use some drainage I felt it best to leave well enough alone.

    I will say that it was not easy to have it done, not from a pain standpoint but because of the 2 shiners that resulted from the process.