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    Hello everyone after having probing lipi flow and plugs and nothing helping me i have no choice but to try scleral lenses this is what my opthomologist is telling me i can't drive i had to quit my job because my dry eye got that bad my own doc is telling me to go on disability if the sclerals dont work

    you guys with dry eyes do the sclerals help you out with activities like reading watching tv ac and heat conditions working etc there are days i cant even go out to walk the dog I'm desperate here

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    Definitely give sclerals a try. Not everyone can tolerate wearing them, but worth a try. It helps people to different degrees. For me, the second time around trying them worked better, so donít give up if it doesnít help the first time. I can wear mines 10-12 hours a day. Also, the expertise of the fitter is key to your best chances of success wearing them comfortably. You may still need to wear moisture chambers over your sclerals to further help keep in moisture, plus I would highly recommend wearing night goggles like EyeSeals to keep in the moisture at night.

    I had reached a similar situation as you. When my eyes were severely dry but I was still struggling to work, when I got sclerals it helped materially for a half year or so to more comfortably work, use the computer, drive, read, etc. But then my eyes continued to get worse to the point I had virtually no tear film and the surface of my eyes became like sandpaper, and I could no longer bear to wear my sclerals and I had to stop working. I was homebound for around three years, could not use computer, watch tv, read, go outside, shop, be in rooms with air conditioning/fans/heaters, sunlight and fluorescent light bothered me, etc.

    My continued demise drove me to try to address my condition systemically. Ultimately for me trying different diet changes after several probing procedures over those years enabled me to fiinally find the right diet change after the last probe to get back a little tear film and improve my meibum so my glands didnít close up again. Several of my glands had atrophied because it took so long to discover what would personally help me, but I got back a very thin tear film which allows me to comfortably wear sclerals again to complement my diet changes and have some functionality. Itís no where near perfect, but I know what my limits are.

    So definitely go for the scleral consult with an experienced scleral specialist to try to get some immediate relief, and also continue to look for what might help address your underlying condition.


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      Thank you for your reply i will try sclerals again i forgot to mention i tried sclerals awhile back and couldnt tolerate them so i gave them back to my doctor but i think they didnt fit right so i just gave up on them i will have more patience this time around since I'm running out of options and my life's on hold right now


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        Yes, the right fit can make a huge difference. Where do you live? If you can go to a Boston PROSE or EyePrintPro scleral specialist near you, that would be ideal. EPP actually makes a mold of your eyeball from which they make custom lenses to exactly fit your eyeballs. Rebecca and one of my good friends have EPP lenses and they are happy with them. My PROSE specialist says she sends hard to fit patients to EPP.

        I hope it works out for you and you find some relief soon.


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          I live in Chicago ill usa i dont see any boston prose lens being sold anywhere the ones my doc gave me i know for sure weren't boston prose they ran me for 1000 somethings dollars he fitted me in like 10 mins with a machine that had a bunch of lines when i stuck my head in the machine i dont know if i should go somewhere else this time around


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            Looks like there is a Boston PROSE clinic at the University of Illinois. The extra benefit of PROSE providers is they do ALL the communication and paperwork with your medical insurance for you, and they know what documentation is needed to get it approved for dry eyes (assuming you qualify). I ended up paying only a few hundred dollars total for the consult and lenses when it costs $000s.. They might be able to check if your insurance covers their lenses before you go for a visit, again, assuming you qualify.


            For an EyePrintPro provider, you can search for an office near you by entering your address and doing a search in the EPP website. Iím not sure how much they coordinate with insurance. I think my friend had to submit her own paperwork and it was not approved.


            Would highly recommend you see one of the above scleral specialists for your best chance at success.


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              Thank you for the research i dont have any insurance covering me since i had to quit my job how much you think out of pocket the lenses will cost me


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                I think my specialist mentioned for people who donít have insurance PROSE charges less than if they can bill to insurance. Perhaps call U of Illinois and see if they can give you an estimate.


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                  I will 1st thing monday thank you so much for your help god bless you


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                    Glad to help if I can. I know first hand how debilitating this can be. Dozens of friends and relatives prayed and assisted me during my worst years. I feel that helped give me the strength and support to get to get through this, so I will remember you in my prayers too.

                    The PROSE site mentions they have some financial assistance. Probably not easy to get but worth inquiring. Guessing lenses will still be at least a few thousand $s or more without insurance. Several years ago when I first went through the scleral consult and fitting process I think they billed my insurance -$7K, have heard they bill more now.


                    It can take at least a few weeks to get used to wearing sclerals once you get them. Plus there are several tips to help with comfort which your specialist, I and others in the forum and scleral Facebook page can suggest. I still make changes to what I use with my sclerals after all these years to improve the comfort.


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