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Should sclerals cause irritwtion/pain at first?

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  • Should sclerals cause irritwtion/pain at first?

    Hello all,

    I have been diagnosed with MGD and dry eye and I am fighting very hard to solvethe problem. On top of that irregular cornea.

    So I am trying sclerals after all other lenses failed due to comfort problems/dryness.

    First day - they cause immediately irritation and a bit of redness on the eyelids - tjis is the exact feeling like you have something cold in your eye or menthol. I wonder if this is normal - my doc tells me it is not logical for sclerals to help since you are putting plastic in already irritated eye...

    Please advise.
    Thanks and all the best.

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    Depends on each case but for I found that my eyes were getting more irritated by the friction caused when blinking / dragging eyelids over the severely dry surface of my eye, normally there'd be a smooth barrier for the eyelids to pass over thanks to tears and oils made by the lacrimal and meibomian glands but mine no longer function. So that plastic provides a smooth barrier and reduced my pain immensely.

    The first scleral lenses I tried though felt like they were poking me to the point I couldn't open the eye. They weren't custom fit since there's not many options here in UK for that kind of service. I'm trying Zenlens now though, which allow for some customization. It worked out great for my right eye, they just needed to adjust the curve a bit as it was too difficult to take the lens out due to being slightly tight. My left eye obviously needs a bigger adjustment though as though it felt fine at first it eventually created a painful blister the more I used it, hoping they can adjust the curve again as maybe it's just pinching too tight.

    Mileage varies but I feel it's definitely worth it in the long run as they give my eyes so much relief and improved vision. I fill them with serum eye drops too.

    Hope you can eventually get a comfortable fit.
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