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  • Mobile version?

    Is it possible to publish DEZ or maybe just the bulletin board in a mobile version?

    It may be too expensive or too much trouble, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask . . . .


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    Yep, doesn't hurt to ask. vBulletin (our bulletin board software) now includes a mobile "Style" that could be selected by a member (if we allowed it). Unfortunately, all the customizations I've made (colors, graphics, modified templates, etc.) don't carry over to the mobile Style, so if we wanted the mobile Style to resemble the DryEyeTalk we all know and love, it would mean a lot of work.

    I may poke around at some point and see what I can do, but since there isn't budget for it, it's best not to expect anything.


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      Dryeyetalk and Dryeyezone works great on my mobile, with an icon up front to log straight in - no idea how the kid did this for me though...

      I've got The Dry Eye Zone on Facebook

      and @DryEyeZone on Twitter

      and Rebecca's blog notification by email

      Anything missing? LOL
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        Yes, DryEyeTalk should work just fine on all mobile browsers. The attraction of a mobile version of DryEyeTalk is that it would be tuned better for small screens (less zooming) and with lighter "weight" graphics so they use less of your data cap. Probably won't happen; just wanted to explain.


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