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How do I search for "IPL"

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  • How do I search for "IPL"

    I want to read the posts to do with IPL as my wife has just had 2 (so far unsuccessful) treatments and we are trying to decide whether to continue.

    However whenever I put the three letters "IPL" into the search box (or even using the advance search) it comes back with no hits. I am not sure if this is because the search box requires strings of more than 3 characters.


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    Hello Neil, I have this problem when I just want to search on 'UK'. You can go in Advanced Search and click on the blue IPL tag at the bottom and some threads list then.

    Otherwise, it's the 'MG treatments eg IPL' archive
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      Hi Neil,
      Your wife's IPl treatments have not been "unsuccessful". Very few people get anywhere with just 2. It usually takes about 4 treatments to notice any difference. I'v had to have 6 and now maintenance to keep these glands functional at all. I've found this a useful treatment, but by no means have I been able to throw away my drops. It has allievated the constant burning, gritty feeling though.


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        Thanks littlemermaid and bunnyrabbit for your replies.

        littlemermaid - I had never noticed the tags at the bottom of the advanced search page but now I know. That solved my problem, so thanks for the advice.

        bunnyrabbit - we are now back in Australia after the 2 treatments in LA. We are trying to decide whether to go back for more. We will have to leave again in just under 4 weeks if we do go. The trouble is that Kathy's eyes feel worse than before the treatments ! This could be because of all of the flying we have done coupled with the fact that we are suffering a very long (record) heatwave at the moment in Melbourne. But it is not encouraging. The doctor in LA says Kathy should have had some improvement already especially that her inflamed veins (vascularisation) should have been better. But Kathy's eye doctor here who examined her when we first got back said that his understanding of how IPL would work was that any improvement in the veins would take some considerable time. (Mind you, he has never done IPL himself, only read about it.)

        We are prepared to go back but are concerned that IPL may have actually harmed Kathy's eyes. We are, I guess, waiting to see if they improve in the next couple of weeks.

        Kathy had the treatment with Dr Assil but we are thinking of going to Dr Toyos in Tennessee this time. One difference in their treatments is that Toyos is now using a LED machine (or getting the patients to use a LED machine) between the treatments to help reduce inflammation. Did you use this when you had your treatments ? Also, how much of an improvement would you say you have felt and how often will you go back for a follow up treatment ?
        Thanks, Neil


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          Hi Neil,
          First, I want to say that I wish things were better for Kathy.I know what a misery this is and I do think that your time on airplanes and the heatwave have contributed to the problem. I did not see Toyos. He is the originator of using IPl for the eye, so if you can do it, he would probably be the best to go to. The dr. I saw is Toyos trained but hasn't said anything to me about using an led in between appts.This sounds really interesting. For me,after 4 treatments, the constant burning and irritation subsided and hasn't come back. I get by and with the restasis and otc drops, I'm OK. If I could go monthly, I'd probably do it but I just can't afford that, so it's once every 3 mos for me right now.
          Neil, I just searched Tanda LED on this website. A patient of dr. toyos says that this is what he is having his patients use in between appts. I don't know how effective it was-
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