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  • JenessaP
    started a topic Feeling Discouraged..

    Feeling Discouraged..

    In my 3 year battle with dry eye I have found this site so encouraging when I felt really down and alone in this mess. I have always been reading other people’s stories trying to relate them to my journey and learn what has helped/ not helped but I feel that it’s time I post my own.

    I am...
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  • IPL — scared of permanent damage

    Hi everyone!

    I had my first IPL treatment approximately 1 month ago with an ophthalmologist. The Dr used corneal shields. After the treatment my vision was a bit blurry when I looked into the distance. This side effect lasted about an hour. I do not know whether light or some ointment that...
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  • KeithM
    started a topic MGD from Accutane

    MGD from Accutane

    Hello. I first want to thank Rebecca for this site. I am long term reader of the forum posts, and first time contributor. Over the years, the feedback from the contributors has been a great source of comfort. Considering my increasingly worse dry eye situation in the past year, I wanted to share...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Mild Mgd

    Mild Mgd

    I've been on here a while looking at IPL/Lipiflow but cant get access to Lipiflow... So would IPL be an option for someone who has mild mgd? I'm already doing warm compresses once a week, fish oil (thera tears) daily, and lid scrubs only when I need it. Is there any other options for mgd? I think my...
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  • How to keep up self esteem with no contacts/eye makeup?

    Hey Dry Eye Zone,

    Just had some questions for people who have gone from wearing makeup/contacts, to no longer being able to. How have you coped self-esteem wise?

    I'm 26 & before MGD, i (naively) wore contacts and eye makeup everyday, which made me feel attractive. I now...
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  • I'm a 50 year old women with dry, red eyes. My eye lids and the whites of my eyes are red. My eyes are much worse at night.

    I've been to 3 doctors in the past 3 years and have been diagnosed with MGD disease. I've had a variety of treatments including restasis, hot compresses, punctual...
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  • Gaz86
    started a topic Game changer

    Game changer

    I recently had IPL in London at the Dry Eye Centre and it changed my life. I'm 28 and have had serious issues with dry eyes for about 4-5 years now. I was told years ago by an optician in Leeds that I have meibomian gland dysfunction and I should use an eyebag and wipes. That made basically no difference...
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  • Santaklauzz
    started a topic My experience with MGD (part 2)

    My experience with MGD (part 2)

    Hi everyone.
    I started a thread about my experience with probing and lipiflow a while back. But it quickly became quite chaotic so I thought I'd start a new one. Also, I feel like my understanding of MGD has progressed a lot and I don't necessarily back all of the statements I made in the previous...
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  • claireg86
    started a topic IPL in Europe?

    IPL in Europe?

    Hi all

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard of an opthalmo who does dry eye IPL in Europe?
    I've seen lots of good reviews about the treatments done in the US, but so far no luck finding a practitioner on this side of the Atlantic. I contacted the manufacturers of E>Eye...
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  • Patent for a new IPL device to work on eyelids (and eye)

    I was trying to find some more information on IPL on the internet. I was trying Google Scholar to search when I found this patent application by Dr Boxer Wachler. &oi=fnd&dq=%22dry+eye%22+IPL&p...
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  • neilw
    started a topic How do I search for "IPL"

    How do I search for "IPL"

    I want to read the posts to do with IPL as my wife has just had 2 (so far unsuccessful) treatments and we are trying to decide whether to continue.

    However whenever I put the three letters "IPL" into the search box (or even using the advance search) it comes back with no hits....
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  • alex123711
    started a topic Any other doctors doing IPL?

    Any other doctors doing IPL?

    Just trying to find out if there is anyone else doing IPL, in any country besides dr toyos, and if not why is he the only one??
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  • IPL Locations

    Just trying to find out any other locations where IPL is available, maybe japan/ china/ asia.. As I live in Australia so it would be easier to travel there, and IPL is not available in Australia. I went to a Boston scleral lenses place in japan and it was very professional/ high tech and the lenses...
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  • Cali
    started a topic IPL, Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel

    IPL, Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel

    Just a warning. I have had numerous chemical peels, laser resurfacing, Fraxel, and other various types of lasers on my face. All for vanity. To erase wrinkles. My last laser resurfacing was a deep one. They put metal shields IN my eyes. They put vaseline on them, then inserted the shields. When I had...
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  • Ocular roseascea and hot this

    I'm. 29 and been diagnosed with MGD and ocular roseascea. For a while I was doing hot compresses at night but it seemed to make the veins in my eyes even more red and permanent . My new ophthalmologist said no more hot compresses. I just had my first IPL treatment friday and have stopped the hot compresses...
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