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  • Best Scleral Lenses (PROSE vs LaserFit vs U of I vs....)

    Hi Everyone!

    So a little background on myself:

    Like all of you I suffer from dry eyes. I'm 23 years old and my problems started when I was 21. After a year or so of trying to figure out what was wrong, a Sjogren's lip biopsy came back positive. All of my blood work is normal....
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  • Nina C
    started a topic Newbie with Corneal Neuralgia

    Newbie with Corneal Neuralgia

    Hi, everyone! I was recently diagnosed with Corneal Neuralgia by Dr. Hamrah at Mass Eye and Ear and referred to Dr. Jacobs at Boston Foundation for Sight. I am grateful to be receiving treatment from these two physicians! On Monday, I hope to finish up training for my PROSE. I started autologous serum...
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  • Scleral lens and blueness to the eyes??

    Hello all!

    About me: I have bilateral keratoconus and I have been wearing PROSE devices from BFS in both eyes for the last year and a half. Last summer we noticed that where the device sits on my eye was turning blue. I went and saw the doctor, who initially said it was light reflecting...
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  • Anyone tried Accu Lens MAXIM Sclerals?

    I'm 7.5 months post LASIK and considering Sclerals to help my severe dry eye. My (good, non-Lasik) doc suggested the PROSE lens but thought it made sense to wait until I get to 12 months out because of the high cost involved coupled with the possibility they may not help. He calls it a "soft...
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  • hosanna13
    started a topic PROSE vs Hybrid sclerals

    PROSE vs Hybrid sclerals

    Hi everyone,

    I hear a lot of talk on this forum for PROSE lenses, but not so much for the hybrid soft and hard scleral lenses such as those made by Synergeyes. I would imagine a hybrid lens would feel more comfortable than a completely hard one like PROSE, but I've never tried them so...
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  • Anyone been fitted with PROSE lens in Texas? (Brooke Army Medical Center)

    Apparently the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX fits them (according to the BFS website). Has anyone been fitted there? I will be there this summer, so I would like to see if I can get fitted this summer. Also, does anyone know the difference between PROSE vs scleral? My understanding is...
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  • Abnormal nerve growth in upper layers of cornea cause of eye pain?

    Hi - Has anyone had cornea scans done, which have shown abnormal nerve growth in the upper layers of the cornea, resulting in eye pain? Have serum tears and/or prolonged contact lens wear, helped this condition?

    I've had chronic pain in my left eye since August, following what I thought...
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  • bookwoman
    started a topic Serum Tears and PROSE

    Serum Tears and PROSE

    I was fitted with PROSE lenses in August at Johns Hopkins and am so grateful for the relief they have given me for ATD, MGD, ocular rosacea and corneal neuropathy. What a huge difference in what I am able to do again, read, use a computer and leave my house without sealed dark goggles! I still have...
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  • MLE
    started a topic GABA and Pain
    in PAIN

    GABA and Pain

    Fellow corneal pain suffers- I wanted to post something to think about-

    My background: diagnosed with DES and MGD in September 2011. No cause has been identified, but I suspect Tri-Luma cream (contains fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%, hydroquinone 4%, and tretinoin 0.05%, which is the active...
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  • Ocular Rosacea and scleral lenses...

    I'm just wondering if anyone with ocular rosacea has had any success with PROSE or other scleral lenses. I'm curious to know if they can help reduce inflammation and redness of the eye (the eyeball itself, not the lid) or if they've made it worse for anyone. Any information/experiences would be great....
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  • MLE
    started a topic Lasting Relief with Prose Lenses

    Lasting Relief with Prose Lenses

    Hello all,

    I finally get to post a lasting success. In February I got fitted for Prose lenses at University of Michigan and what an amazing difference.

    I was diagnosed in October 2011 with ATD and eventually worsening MGD. As my disease progressed my corneas became more...
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  • Scleral lenses and night time ointment

    Hello. Is there anyone who wears the PROSE lenses who also uses the lubricant ointments at night time? How do you deal with the oily residue smearing on the surface of the lens? Is there a trick to rinsing them off before putting the lenses in? I've been doing relatively well with the PROSE (great...
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  • Getting Boston's scleral lenses covered in Canada?

    Hi all,

    I've had success with getting my airfare covered by Manitoba Health... but so far, the PROSE lenses themselves are still left for me to pay.

    I had thought I might have a lead on a doc who knew how to get them covered by Health Canada, but my own doc heard back...
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