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  • Hi guys,need suggestions.Lipiflow? xiidra work on blepharitis? or need add restasis?

    Hi, everyone
    I was diagnosed MGD and blepharitis.
    I am on Xiidra, warm compress, systane eye lid wipe, 2700mg omega-3, blinking exercise.
    Now, if I do not use computer or cell phone, I have no symptom. If I work, every 40 minutes I take a short
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  • KeithM
    started a topic MGD from Accutane

    MGD from Accutane

    Hello. I first want to thank Rebecca for this site. I am long term reader of the forum posts, and first time contributor. Over the years, the feedback from the contributors has been a great source of comfort. Considering my increasingly worse dry eye situation in the past year, I wanted to share...
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  • phenix01
    started a topic Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

    Starbursts during the DAY! Help!

    I've posted about this before but forgot to stress one point, my visual symptoms are not only at night but also during the day! Hence nothing to do with pupil size.
    When I look at bright car lights during the day, I will see a huge but thin starbursts surrounding it. This happens when my pupil...
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  • Visual symptoms started 3 months after lasik and won't go - don't know what to do

    Hi all

    I have been suffering of starbursts and glare for some time now and seeking help/advice form those who may have gone through a similar situation.

    I had lasik done 1 year ago; for the first three months everything was perfect: I could drive at night, go out at night,...
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  • Eyes always hurt after lasik

    So I had lasik surgery done and had a regression a year after.. so I decided to get it again.. the first time I had -5 in both eyes. Before the last surgery I had -0.75 in both eyes, so I decided to get lasik again. Anyway its been 13 months since the surgery and ever since the surgery I have pain behind...
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  • Ladies: Birth Control Pills and Dry Eye

    Hi, I know there a quite a few post about this subject but I couldn't find any recent one.
    I developed dry eye due to my birth control, I've never in my life had any type of issues with my eyes, well just astigmatism..
    First I was on a pill, to be honest I can't even remember the name I...
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  • My experience with debilitating dry eye post LASIK (and how it is six years later)

    About six years ago, I had LASIK for the first time. I had really bad vision (about -5.00) and contact lenses were too uncomfortable to wear. It's not that I refused to wear glasses... it's that I felt utterly useless when waking up, going swimming, looking for my glasses, etc. I didn't want to be so...
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  • jk23
    started a topic Proper eye drop instillation

    Proper eye drop instillation

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently on a four drop regimen of restasis, lotemax gel, patanol, and artificial tears. I am taking the lotemax and patanol because of very bad ocular allergies that has manifested into papillary conjunctivitis (I have seen an optometrist about this). I have been on...
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  • dry eyes treatment for Meibomian Gland dysfunction/Blepharitis

    See her severe dry eyes

    I seek advice for my friend who is visually impaired and ignorant of treatments available.

    I brought her to see the dry eye specialist for the first time after 3 weeks of inflammed...
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  • nori2015
    started a topic DRY EYE VETERNS!!! Advice please

    DRY EYE VETERNS!!! Advice please

    I had lasik 6 years ago - zero issues. I had a PRK top up 9 months ago - lots of issues!

    I have read older stories by Prattstar, Jovver, Hangus etc and I see that they went through a really terrible time. And they seem to be much much better now. They seemed to also have a lot worse of...
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  • Lou60
    started a topic Hi, there, new poster

    Hi, there, new poster

    Hi, I'm new to this site.
    I have had chronic dry eye syndrome for 30 years and have a diagnosis of Sjogren. A new eye doctor has just suggested Restasis but looking at their internet site, it says there was no new tear production with plugs or cauterization. I have one eye with plugs and one...
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  • New member, dryness started 3 months after Lasik

    I got Lasik in in early February 2015. It was part of my life plan to have it done before my 30ís (Iím 29) so to better enjoy my following projects such a special effects make-up and travelling. In the country I live, Lasik is mandatory to everyone wanting to get in the police force, and here was my...
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  • blazeyellow02
    started a topic Greetings


    Greetings, my name is Diane & I have been taking Restatsis since Jan 2015. At first it felt wonderful & the symptoms were alleviated but now some have returned. Burning @ times, blurry vision, extreme sensitivity to light - can't leave the house unless I wear a hat & sunglasses, can't read...
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  • Plugs for severe DES

    I've plugged my lowers today. The caps are not bothering me much, maybe because I've used contacts for many years at a time when they were not as advanced as they are today. Hope the plugs will help me with my severe DES. I will also start with Restasis. Will be posting how things go from here.
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  • Ciclosporin in the UK - update..and Restasis cost

    I'm 8 months in to the severe dry eye experience and was set to try ciclosporin (also spelled cyclosporine/cyclosporin) aka the nearest thing the UK has to Restasis. I understand that up until very recently this drug was available on "special" prescription, from one place on in the UK only,...
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