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    I've been in contacts for my severe dry eyes ( can't cry a tear ) for almost a year now, and found them the first relief I've had, I still have dry eyes but could go some time between drops, before I was constantly, and I mean constantly putting in the drops, within the last few weeks my eyes seemed more irritated, and much drier, I can feel the contacts, and rarely did before. I'm wearing acuvue oasis with hydroclear, one of them is for astigmatism, I'm wondering if I should try a different lens. If any of you are wearing contact to help your dry eyes, can you share with me which ones you found to be the best for you? Have any of you experienced a sudden change like this with their contacts? Anything you can offer would be appreciated.

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    Hey, What is your schirmer test score? and do you have problems with you meibomian glands? I was using scleral lenses for awhile and they were amazing! But lately they've been terrible on my eyes...I'm not really sure what happened Dr. Gemoules makes them in Texas and he's amazing at it. He makes the best fitting scleral lenses from what I've heard. I've also heard that air optix cibavision for astigmatism can be worn by people who have dry eye. I want to try these because I hate wearing glasses all the time. You should let me know if you find another brand that works!


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      Reusable lenses can become contaminated or a sensitivity to lens cleaning solution chemicals can cause dryness and discomfort. Apparently this is very common and often overlooked by lens wearers.

      Biggest culprits:

      Contaminated lens cases (all kinds of nasty bacteria)
      Hands aren't properly cleaned. Antibacterial \ moisturising soaps are a no no.
      Reactions to cleaning solution residue on lenses.

      When one or more of the above is the cause, the dryness or poor comfort escalates over time.