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Safety of Dry Eye treatments

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  • SAAG
    Good post Michael. The lack of long term studies for Restasis concerns me also... I'm hoping that I will find a better solution eventually, but for now, I'm taking my chances with it.

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  • Lucy
    Michael2, a very thoughtful post here. I don't have anything really to add to your list, but want to say that most of these have not been studied for long term side effects.

    Restasis is too new for any long term studies. IPL is brand new for this type of dry eye management. I am very interested in it, but am also dreadful of doing anything "unusual."

    As far as Dr. ******s "probing," I doubt there have been any studies made of this as it's new also. I tend to think the "probing" sounds very painful. I'd want pretty good odds that it would help.

    You have given us lots to think about. Lucy

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  • Michael2
    started a topic Safety of Dry Eye treatments

    Safety of Dry Eye treatments

    While a lot has been said about the safety (or lack thereof) of corneal treatments that target eyes for glaucoma or myopia, I've been wondering about potential side effects of dry eye treatments, and whether the risk is worth the benefit. I think at some point, depending on the level of life impact, the risk may be worth the possible consequences. Here's some of the different treatments and how I think they pan out. Maybe people can add to this to promote safe healing if they have any new info:

    Restasis- Seems pretty safe but I'm always concerned about putting cyclosporine in the eye. No really long term studies, but I'd never want to be on Restasis longer that I had to be

    Plugs- Very little risk if done right, possible risk of infection but this wouldn't seem to be long lasting

    Supplements/ Doxycycline- Risk of allergies and intestinal problems, but nothing long term that I would worry about

    Sclerals- Seem safe enough, and definitely worth the risk if you're at the level where you need sclerals. Anesthetic use with sclerals isn't FDA approved

    IPL- Here's a quick description of IPL: 'IPL, or intense pulsed light, releases a series of short pulses of yellow, green and red light. The yellow and the green lights destroy the bacteria that cause acne, and the red light targets the sebaceous glands, causing the inflamed, overactive glands to shrink. The heating caused by the red light also stimulates the production of collagen, which aids in healing and improves skin tone.'

    Risk of scarring, facial fat loss (although this seems more prevalent with Thermage and higher heat treatments).
    Benefits include a very strong improvement in dry eye symptoms. I think IPL has a huge place in dry eye treatment in the future, especially for people with MGD. Still worried about the long term effects of many treatments of IPL on sebaceous glands

    ****** probing- the risk of scarring scares me too much to ever try this, but I've heard of good benefits too

    Pain medication- Neurontin and Lyrica have some very nasty side effects. I wouldn't spend one day longer on these than I had to

    I think there needs to be more research and emphasis on treatments that directly target causes of dry eye, rather than just symptoms. IPL and restasis do this