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7 weeks post lasik questions

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  • 7 weeks post lasik questions

    Hello everyone,
    I am now 7 weeks post op and still dealing with dry, burning eyes. Although, my right eye is fairing better than my left. My first question is it too early to have the upper plugs put in? Also, I wear the onion goggles most of the time when I am at home. When I take them off, I can feel the moisture leaving my eyes. Should I try to keep the goggles off for a bit to see if my eyes can keep the tears on them? I have seen another doc and he said I do not have mgd. I am so confused and scared.
    Lasik victim 2012

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    My left is better than my right ... Let's trade

    I would go and try the upper plugs. I did about 6 weeks into it and it definately helped. The collagen uppers just fall out though. I had a semi permanent one put in my upper right and it was great. Teared for a couple days.

    It is definately worth a try. I can also feel the difference when intake my goggles off and yes that is scary. You have lots of time on your side.

    I wish you the best.



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      Thank you for responding. Like you, I am having a rough time with this. I too have started meds for anxiety, depression, and for sleep. I hate taking all these pills, but they do help me relax and sleep. I am just trying to think of treatments to add moisture to my eyes. The only thing that helps are the onion goggles. Drops only work for a few minutes and it seems they make my eyes drier after I use them. I have read all of your posts and can completely relate to everything you say. I wish you the best too.
      Lasik victim 2012