Hi All,

As you all might know I've been suffering from dry eye for over 2 years. I recently met someone who had LASIK 4 months ago. She was a -3.75 before LASIK and was left undercorrected. She sees 20/40, but tells me she has very blurry vision. Of course the doctor is recommending an enhancement, but I'm concerned of the risks a second surgery has.

They put 2 punctal plugs in her eyes thinking maybe her vision was off because of dry eye. Now she over tears. My guess is she probably doesn't have dry eye because she's not experiencing any dryness or pain.

If she put in eye drops she can see clearly for about 1 second. Could that be because she has dry eye and the drops are making her less dry so she can see briefly? I read on here eye drops can briefly add refractive power so maybe that's what is happening. Is it true eye drops have refractive power?

She had a refraction done and would be able to see clearly with glasses.

I warned her of the risks of a 2nd surgery even though she has no dry eye symptoms. Are there any people out there that didn't have dry eye after their first LASIK, but after the 2nd one they do?

I've told her she's better off wearing glasses. What are your thoughts? Why is she able to see clearly for a second after putting in eye drops?