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Dry eyes and dry skin link

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  • AlexM

    Sounds like you all have varying degrees of Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD). I also have SD. The following regimen is really helping my eyes:

    Promiseb Cream - Apply to face 1x/day
    DermaDoctor Born to be Mild Face & Body Wash - Cleanse face & body 1x/day
    Nizoral Shampoo - Wash hair every other day

    Hope this helps you all like its helped me.


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  • jenny2008
    i have sjogrens and it causes dry eye and dry skin. so can many other auto immune..

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Many times unhealthy diet also causes this kind of skin problems. So it will be better for you to avoid unhealthy food as much as possible and try to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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  • MaryVa61

    The drier my skin gets and the more trouble with seborrhea (which gets into the eyebrows and is subtle), the drier my eyes get. Be careful of OTC dandruff shampoos. My eyes don't like those. But the prescription one from the dermatologist isn't so bad. I've had these issues all of my life, but definitely worse this year with hitting menopause.

    I agree with the other post recommending you see a dermatologist. Good luck with getting help.


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  • Lacey1
    Sounds like there could be a connection. I know I developed a weird rash around my nose a couple of weeks after my dry eyes set in and it hasn't gone away (7 months later). Kind of sounds like you could have something systemic going on. I think I'd follow Sheila's advice, sounds good to me :-).

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  • spmcc
    RE: skin and eyes

    Hi Praveen,

    There is definitely a link between skin and eyes. For example, I have ocular rosacea.

    I would make an appointment with a dermatologist asap. He/she will be able to tell you if you have, say, rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis (which includes dandruff) or eczema or anything else.

    When you mention your eyes to the dermatologist, if the doctor doesn't know about any eye component to the illness/disease, you can at least google it or come back to DEZ with that information.

    Like I said, I have rosacea... but I also have seborrheic dermatitis (they often go hand-in-hand). I do a number of things to help control these two skin problems with the hope that I'm helping my eyes too.

    Good luck... and get to a dermatologist soon!

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  • Praveen
    started a topic Dry eyes and dry skin link

    Dry eyes and dry skin link

    I am trying to find out is there any link between my dry eye and my skin getting dry.
    My skin was very oily. I had acne on face but mostly on my back. by the evening time, I could feel oil on my skin even taking daily morning bath. My face always feel oily.
    But from last few weeks I am noticing that my skin is not much oily these days. in fact it is dry, I do not feel any oil on skin even If I do not take bath full day ( I am lazy sometime). I am guessing this started to happen same time. around when my dry eyes started. I did not notice it in start but for last 2-3 weeks I am noticing it. One more thing
    my scalp dandruff is just just worst from same time around. I had have dandruff throughout my life but not this bad. Did anybody has similar observation? Is it like my body has stopped/reduced producing oil? is it because of hormone change?
    Please advice if anybody has any clue?